Friday, October 09, 2015

The Tide is (was) in a West Bay

I know we have to put-up with the weather but never more so than today in Thanet, with the Autumn sunshine searing my eyeballs!

Anyway, I shot a little drone footage of West Bay in Westgate at full tide. Don't tell anyone or Westgate will end-up appearing in the tourist brochures or Tower Hamlets will decide that it's just the right place for 20,000 people now looking for a nice place to live with a sea view.

Reportedly, the mayoral candidate, Zac Goldsmith, said today that Kent local authorities should not have to worry over London's housing over-spill problems. Why don't I believe him?


Michael Child said...

Nice post again Simon. I guess drones will soon be used for smuggling across the channel.

chris said...

Thank you for your drone clips Simon.My children and I love watching them whilst we sit here in the Santa Cruz mountains and remember our last visit to the grandparents. They moaned when I made them run the beaches and trails everyday with me but now I see the dividends of their experience when they watch the places from above.
Chris New