Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Revolution Starts in Margate

The Revolution starts in Margate - Jeremy Corbyn
Given Karl Marx association with the town of Margate, it's only right, that if we are indeed going to have a post-capitalist revolution, it starts here in Thanet and not in Islington or Brighton?

In any event, while I'm quite in favour of a local revolution of sorts, I'm sure the next five years of local politics will prove even more entertaining and dysfunctional, than those that came before.

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Anonymous said...

Cliftonville did have an association with the Marxist group "Straight Left".

In fact in 1976 they took an interest in the Panorama programme that was broadcast in 1975 around Thanet's burgeoning care home industry. Cllr Dr Charles McAvoy some years earlier had tried to stop the number of former seaside hotels changing use to care homes. These received fees direct from the local DHSS under Section 37 National Assistance Act 1948.

I hope you are paying attention because you have a tendency to think my erudite comments are off topic.

Panorama in their programme exposed the Labour Govt for discharging mental patients homeless to Margate. Assuming that when local social services dealt with them they would be found a bed in a Section 37 home after a period of homelessness.

As you have Islington in mind bravo. Islington Labour Cllr Jack Straw through his local connections had secured a job as special advisor to Barbara Castle MP DHSS Minister.

Sharp as a tack Simon you suss that MI5 interviewed Jack round about when he allegedly nicked Norman Scott's DHSS records and the Jeremy Thorpe affair kicked off affecting the hung parliament making life difficult for Harold Wilson.

And didn't they interview him about his association with Straight Left ?

Official Secrets Act charges were threatened against a Thanet DHSS clerk (Gezoo) and that could only be done on minister and attorney general sanction. Suspected of being Panorama source. But by the time charges were mentioned the huge benefits fraud based in Thanet benefitting the IRA had been detected.

Oh Richard you refer to the first six of 41 lines of inquiry re security warnings on Deal Royal Marines Barracks the known DHSS fraud of MO in area ?
All 41 lines of inquiry nil actioned by Kent Police, very much in need of a good PCC, and later 11 Royal Marines tragically died in the 1989 terrorist bombing ? Just so Simon

And now the dog that didn't bark at Islington. Paedo Information Exchange Peter Righton an executive of mental health charity MIND. And decisions by Barbara Castle in spite of the wishes of Islington MP Michael O'Halloran (and Hackney MP Clinton Davies) to fail to raise inquiry into six years of child deaths 1966 to 1972 at the Beeches Ixworth private care home. Disabled children in Islington and Hackney care.

You may notice that the village was a setting for the film Witchfinder General during the 66 to 72 period with Wilfred Brambell (Haute de la Garenne) on the cast. But that is probably conspiracy theory Simon.

If we look next door to the village we find the estate of Lord Henniker later home not only to Righton but also the abusive Islington Suffolk Project.

In 1976 BTW Straight Left indicated their interest in defending the Thanet DHSS civil servant against OSA charges and the charges were immediately dropped. Presumably Castle and Straw and Warner didn't fancy open court and questions about the morality of their methods for reducing mental health patient numbers ?

The idea that some sort of quid pro quo with Righton was at work is an idea in a submission for the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry to explore. (It is through admissibility within terms of ref) And I would think flowing on from it would be to question Jeremy Corbyn why he refused to help social worker Liz Davies who was trying to expose the abuser presence establishing in Islington Social Services.