Saturday, September 05, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn Arrives In Margate

Jeremy Corbyn Arrives in Margate (c)
I was in Margate this afternoon, in time to catch Labour's Jeremy Corbyn arriving to make his speech at a leadership rally at the Winter Gardens.

The photos are here and I had a moment for a brief chat with the man I expect to become Labour's new leader and I found him to be a very pleasant.

What struck me, is how very unlike his Westminster-centric rivals for the leadership Corbyn is.

What was immediately obvious to me as an observer behind my camera lens, is how he had time for everyone who approached him, myself included, with a genuine warmth and interest in the exchange, rather than viewing each handshake as a shallow political opportunity; which you see so much of in career politicians these days.

Readers will know I'm very far from being a Labour Party supporter,but I would say that all political parties need more people with sincerely-held opinions on improving our society, like those of Jeremy Corbyn. Agree with them or not.

I wish him well but might suggest, he places some diplomatic distance between himself and what remains of the Labour Party in Thanet. Each represents a very different kind of socialism; one being very much intellectual, the other, broadly backward-looking.

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Michael Child said...

Thanks for that Simon, good photos as ever. I have never been much for any of the political parties either at national or local level, I do however think that a change of which party is in power is healthy and sincerely hope that Labour manage something creatable at national level.

Not sure what a whole term of being insignificant at TDC will do to either Labour or the Conservatives locally much good, nor do I expect UKIP to perform well enough to get back in.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we wind up with an elected mayor in Thanet next.