Saturday, September 26, 2015

An Absolute Scandal

Here's my video of the Port of Ramsgate, taken yesterday by drone. I'm at a disadvantage compared to other local drone pilots filming because I have yet to find one clip on YouTube where the law, governing their use in a public space is not completely ignored and would likely merit a prosecution if CAA had the resources. There are however some entertaining video clips around for all to see.

In today's Daily Mail, an absolute scandal, as it's reported an RAF sergeant was moved out of the waiting-room in QEQM AE unit because he was wearing uniform and it was feared he might give offense to other patients. I have to wonder what kind of country we are now living-in where members of our armed forces are treated with such disrespect and indeed, what the present demographic mix of our local hospital Accident and Emergency Unit may be, that would stimulate such action?

Answers on a postcard please?


Nethercourt said...

As a retired RAF serviceman I am bemused and hurt that a serving NCO should be so treated. But I suppose we are outnumbered nowadays and discretion is the better part bearing in mind that in the event of bother the serviceman is always judged twice.

John Holyer said...

The purpose of HM Forces is defence of the realm, in other words me. If anyone is offended by the site of the Queen's uniform then it must follow that the offended is my enemy and must be dealt with accordingly. Mainly by laughing at them for the bumptious person they clearly are.

I would like to meet the ridiculous fool who asked the Sergeant to leave, but in particular I would like to meet his or her boss. For it is there that the fault lays.

Anonymous said...

According to one report, the staff asked if he would like to move because there had previously been some issues (with another service person on another day) and he agreed he would like to move. So perhaps not as clear cut as it might seem ? It appears his father reported this to the media, one has to wonder why.

John Holyer said...

Anon 7:46 AM,

Maybe, maybe not. However, speaking personally I cannot rely on anonymous comments and I place them neither hear nor there. A statement by a named hospital official would be a different matter. Is there one?