Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Place for 700 New Homes in Westgate?

The controversy surrounding the siting of up to 12,000 new homes in Thanet, under the new local plan proposal, continues to rage and no more so than Westgate and Birchington, where resistance to the suggestion is fiercest.

I decided to take a drone's eye view of the proposed location (700 homes) along the Shottendane Road this morning, to share with everyone. I hope this offers a better view of the sheer size of the area involved and the space to new housing Westgate in particular will lose, should development go ahead; something I'm very much opposed to personally, for many good reasons, environmental, demographic, infrastructure, education and more.

With next year's Kent County Council elections coming around again, I've been asked if I might like to put my name forward and return to local politics. While undecided, I'm giving this some thought, predominantly because regardless of political affiliation, we need loud voices to fight Thanet's very often isolated and over-crowded corner at County Hall.


Anonymous said...

Have a go Simon. You have always been strong on economic reality, reading into your brief too. You know I am here to put you right on matters anti-terrorist in a system of diminishing deception that has benefited you enormously.

But (My serious voice) have you considered running for PCC ?? My brother didn't get the tory selection in Suffolk last time out.

I wouldn't say this unless I mean it I think you could do a good job as PCC. You have the skills to communicate with public. You can read in legal detail. You can present a case the public understands (I cannot) and you have me as mentor to keep you on the straight and narrow. win win

Best of luck Rick

Simon Moores said...

On topic for a rare change Rick? Thank you for your kind words of support.

Anonymous said...

Please don't