Saturday, March 14, 2015

Election Time Again

There's a General Election a matter of weeks away and Thanet will have an opportunity to find a new political direction or new political leadership, if it wishes.

The very real danger though, is that the island will once again be left with a weak and riven political administration, pre-occupied with points-scoring, antipathy and issues, wholly-unrelated to what is really important for every one of us that lives here.

So, while exercising the protest vote may seem attractive, be very careful what you wish for, as the consequences and some of the people, may be far worse than anything we have ever seen before.

I'm of course stepping down from an active role local politics - loud cheers - but I have good reason to worry over the fact that while there are some every good candidates for public office out there, there are others who really should not be given any form of responsibility whatsoever but are quite likely to be returned, simply because enough people like the colour of their rosette.

Good luck everyone!

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