Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time to be Saved

Laura Sandys with Will Scobie Saving in Background
Some of my photos from yesterday's great turn-out at Manston to protest the airport's closure.

I was delighted to see UKIP busy saving vigorously before this month's EU elections and several of Thanet's Labour politicians running around waving "Save Manston' placards, which did not fail to strike me as ironic.

Here's my weblog account of the big Manston debate in Council and you might like to re-read it.  I'm going to be asking democratic services if they have the video available, as one after the other, several of prominent characters firmly hammered a nail into the airport's future. If I get it, I will be sure to put it up on YouTube.

At the time, I wrote: "Instead, Labour has placed the airport in a commercial straight jacket and while Labour wins votes in Ramsgate, overall, the people of Thanet are the losers." Someone tell me I was wrong?

Barrack Obama Saving Too
There is still time for a last minute reprieve for the airport if Mrs Gloag or her representatives are willing to talk. Of late, she has appeared very unwilling to engage in negotiations, which has led the UNITE trade union to describe her position as 'Bizarre.'

I have heard it suggested that there is a second agenda, a Shakespearian sub-plot, where Ann Gloag is merely playing the part for another interest, which as yet is unrevealed. Whether this is true, I can't know but the whole process to date has been extremely irregular and a reason of some kind must exist for this.


Bemused of Birchington said...

Simon, your link to the weblog takes me to the pictures, guess you need to adjust the link.

Simon Moores said...
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Simon Moores said...

Corrected with thanks

Bemused of Birchington said...

The plight of TG Aviation is very sad. Two months work had to fly out yesterday because the owner of the aircraft could not take the risk of the aircraft being stranded when Manston closes next week. This is just one knock on effect, there will be many other companies affected by the closure.
As a layman in all things political it amazes me that there was not the will to make Manston work in the past, but instead an approach that ensured votes for some at the expense of jobs for others. Now there is a scramble to save the airport because politicians have woken up to the fact that there are more votes in saving the airport than in closing it down.
Manston is a prime asset in East Kent and with high unemployment in the area the loss of 150 jobs is to be deplored.
If Manston airfield is to become a vast housing estate where are all the jobs for the new residents, schools, doctors, hospitals etc.? And will the villagers of Manston be asked their opinion about a plan that will destroy the character of their village for ever?
Sadly we live in a world where incomers can ask for church bells to stop ringing and cockrels to stop crowing, and the same thing is happening to Manston.

Barry James said...

Gazette are reporting TDC held discussions over building houses in Jan-Feb 2014 on part of Manston airport covering land just to the north of the runway. the marked site includes the 2 museums. Interesting story if true

1 o'clock Rob said...

Not sure on the timeline but discussions have been had and have been verified by Cllr Ian "wheres my soapbox" Driver.

Bemused of Birchington said...

Have just read Cllr. Driver's blog re housing at Manston. If what he says is true then something very fishy is going on and his interpretation of the council leader's actions should be addressed at the next council meeting.

Bemused of Birchington said...

Overtaken by events, he has resigned.