Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Counting Down the Hours

Unless a final rescue package can be agreed, Manston airport will close tomorrow with the loss of hundreds of jobs, a number of local businesses and the resulting catastrophe to the lives of many connected with the airport for their livelihoods.

A number of aircraft will be showing support today with a WW II P-51 Mustang included at 2:30pm. I will be dragging a small 'Save Manston' banner past, as a small gesture of both solidarity and sympathy for everyone involved in a farce with very real consequences for many people I know.

To paraphrase the famous novellist, Ernest Hemingway asked about his bankruptcy: "How did you lose Manston airport?" "Gradually and then suddenly."

As a matter of public record for the future, it appears that the Council have found the video of the last debate where Manston's future was discussed in 2012. Mrs Gloag's involvement aside, If people need to understand how we arrived at such an unhappy place, then they need to watch it and once I have it, I will attempt to load it on to YouTube.

Some readers may recall the controversial character of Gordon Gecko, from the movie, Wall Street, who represented everything that was wrong at the the time with unrestrained capitalism in the 1980's. Here are a number of famous quotes about making money for all the wrong reasons and of course the most famous of them all, "Greed is good"

I understand that negotiations with Mrs Gloag's agents are continuing right up to the wire but as the hours tick by to the shutters falling on nearly a hundred years of history and the silent shadows of all the many young men whose lives ended suddenly on the airfield during WWII, let's all of us consider for a moment what we are losing for the future and Thanet's economy. All this, in the very same week that Heathrow and Gatwick are bidding against each other in anticipation of the aviation industry boom to come.

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Seems Kim Gibson has also left labour....check thanet lab council lots list....