Sunday, April 27, 2014

Remove Before Flight

It's been quiet on this weblog again and principally, because I've been busy at work. My apologies for missing yesterday's meeting on Manston at the Winter Gardens and a few readers may have noticed that I had some flying to do of my own.

Manston has been covered in glorious detail elsewhere - see video - (Thanks to Duncan Smithson) having already added my thoughts to the debate, I really can't add more, other than opinions are visibly polarised and the bad language employed by some on other blogs, is quite unnecessary and damaging to any argument, in favour or against the airport.

Locally, here in Westgate, we are into the start of the vandalism and arson season again. A big fire at the derelict building site in Sea Road, beach-huts being broken-into, now they have been assembled for the summer and the woodwork of the blue former putting green shed at St Mildred's Bay, succumbing to a flint, rock throwing attack by four boys. In fact I spotted them and I have seen them up to destructive mischief before, so I need to have a word with our PCSO.

New Pilot at Airads?
With the Euro-elections just around the corner, I'm not permitted to pass any real comment other than noticing today, the Daily Mail reporting Nigel Farage has his eyes on Folkestone as a possible Parliamentary seat at the General Election. I see he's coming to a rally in the Winter Gardens very soon but given the welcome he received from our wild-eyed collection of Red Hall inspired anarchists and militant Trotskyists, you just know it's going to be a political, placard-waving circus all over again. A hard hat is well-advised.

My own 'small gigs' in the next week take me to Newmarket, Northampton, Southampton and Dubai; one being a little further than the others and demanding a larger aircraft to get me there. I suppose, I should offer a vote of thanks to David Moyes for single-handedly boosting the fortunes of the aerial advertising industry across the country. Next Saturday alone, I have three aircraft advertising over three separate football matches across the country but thankfully, nothing controversial this time around.

Back to work then. Have a good week all.


Michael Child said...

Simon not standing in the forthcoming election are you? I think purdah would only apply to candidates, or do you know something I don’t? as far as the European elections go, in the first instance I will be voting for candidates who live in Thanet and the only one I can find so far is Julie Marson, do you know if there are any other candidates who live locally?

William Epps said...

Michael, surely the EU elections are by proportional representation so you do not really vote for the candidate, you vote for the party and those taking up office are according to the party's pecking order list

Michael Child said...

Yep William at the moment it is looking as though I will be voting Conservative in the EU elections. Do you think there is much hope of us getting a Thanet based MEP?

William Epps said...

Sorry, Michael, but I do not know the order of preference of the candidates of the various parties and, in any event, is the region East Kent rather than just Thanet? Indicators from the polls are that UKIP, despite their blunders, should do rather well. As long as we keep Dan Hannan as an MEP I do not really care for I do not agree with the EU anyway.

I will be much more interested in 2015 as to who will definitely give us a referendum on Europe.