Sunday, April 06, 2014

On the Fiddle

I'll bet you didn't know an airport could be 'Tory'? I didn't but according to a wild-eyed Labour PPC for Brighton, appearing on today's BBC Sunday Politics show, North Kent could be the home of one.

If that isn't wild enough, I read in the letters page of the Thanet Gazette, that my personal motivation for wishing to save Manston airport from closure, is not a fear of developers or the loss of jobs or even economic potential for the island. No, it's to protect the interests of my political 'cronies.' I have heard it all now.

That all rather leaves me with a singular lack of enthusiasm to blog about anything at the moment and at Thursday evening's council cabinet meeting, I reflected on the Emperor Nero, 'fiddling while Rome burned,' although I think it was actually a lyre and reportedly quite good at it too, given that anyone who thought otherwise ended-up as snack for the lions. Whether council leader Clive Hart owns a fiddle, I couldn't say but between them all, I'm certain we could find enough talent for a small orchestra.

Since my little outing to Old Trafford last week, there's been a never ending series of calls from businesses or football fans, wanting something similar over their club; even one this afternoon. On May 3rd, I have three aircraft over three separate games in the midlands, one Saturday afternoon and all at the same time, which must be a first.

On the flip-side of the coin, I struggle to grasp the mental processes of one group of  fans, wanting to crowd-fund a flying banner to 'Kick-off' with another's team's fans, No, I said, you can't use the 'F' word on a banner, it's not funny. Funny is good, the 'F' word is not. Think of 'Avram Grant - Millwall Hero or 'We Only Had Ten Men'  both of which worked well. On top of that, I took a call from a business wanting to promote itself with another flight to Old Trafford, once again with a message attacking David Moyes, followed by its website URL. Not original, not clever, not happening!

Just to remind everyone, I didn't fly the Moyes banner last week but the Paddy Power message "Fergie Back 6/1". However, I should thank the Thanet Gazette for telling the world I was the pilot of the first aircraft and if one's success can be measured in the volume and intensity of colourful language on Twitter, then I think I did quite well. Once again and like the 'Tory' airport mentioned earlier, the fact that I'm a Conservative councillor, here in Thanet, proves quite conclusively in the eyes of many verbally-challenged fans in the Manchester area that I'm a completely incompetent pilot and a ****** too. It all makes perfect sense.

I've included an unusual video here, a first from my good friend and ace display pilot, Guy Westgate, as he chucks a parachutist out of his Fox glider in Spain last month. You may have seen Guy a couple of times on TV recently and the next part of this project is to have the parachutist wearing a wing-suit and then race the glider back towards the earth, flying side by side. Don't try this at home folks.

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If it helps, I think Leader Hart has had a few tweets this week too.