Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Serious Game of Two Halves

I have been a little busy today as you may have seen from the papers and the  sports news.

I'm not quite sure when I 'm going to have a chance to write a proper blog entry but please consider this a holding page until I surface for air.

The video is of the banner pickup from Blackpool. Very windy and very bumpy it was too but it also got me from Thanet to Blackpool in under two hours with a strong tailwind.

Group Photo 
I was terrified of missing and throwing-out the arrival timing at Old Trafford but fortunately, for me at least, it was my lucky day and all went smoothly and as planned. More in the Sunday papers I expect!

(c) Jim Bennett


Don Wood said...

Its nice to see something other than critisism for David Moyse

Simon Moores said...

Mine was Paddy Power's banner