Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stones Go Rolling from Manston

Photographed this morning from TG Aviation, air side at Manston and just about to depart, the Rolling Stones, chartered Boeing 767, on the way to the band's next big gig in Abu Dhabi, with a stop-over in Paris to collect the gear, groupies, girls, ginseng? Who knows at their combined and much celebrated age.

One thing's for certain however, they won't be squeezed into economy class with a binary choice of chicken or beef on the menu.

Ironically, I have had to cancel my forthcoming KLM shuttle plans from Manston and go from Heathrow to Spain instead. This sounds daft I know. However, the simple change at Schipol to catch one of the many Madrid-bound flights, adds almost £300 to the cost of the flight. That's crazy and removes Manston's local advantage at a stroke, which is very disappointing to a business passenger like me.

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tony said...

Sadly this is curently not the case, although many are attempting to get Manston of the ground again (pun intended)