Friday, February 28, 2014

Fast Train

On  the high speed train from St Pancras to Margate on a dark wet evening. No Northern Lights over Kent tonight unless you happen to be looking out of the window of a passing passenger jet, high above the earth.

A pleasant planning lunch with Nominet at Cigale in Lambs Conduit Street, working on an agenda for their annual conference in April. I dived into an overcrowded British Museum, hoping to catch the new 'Vikings' exhibition but discovered this doesn't start until 6th March.

Last time I was at the museum, it was overun by Chinese tourists. On this occasion it was crocodiles of small children on school outings and even larger crocodiles or are these dragons of Chinese visitors? I lasted ten minutes before making a decision to return next month instead hoping to find a quieter day.

Next-up was the Conservative local government conference at Russell Square, where I delivered a talk on the experience that two other councillors and I are having with the police and explained in great deal here and in the national media. I was pleased to see a copy of The Independent's story on every chair.

It was my privilege to follow the Local Government & Communities Minister, Brandon Lewis MP and I was able to have a separate meeting with him to give a more detailed account of the story. While I'm sure the familiar trolls, gun-range obsessives and masonic conspiracy theorists will insist, it's all another private fantasy, I'm also pleased to see that there is considerable momentum building behind my owninquiry on the much wider picture of how we arrived at a position, where three of your local councillors are the subject of a criminal complaint of conspiracy on social media, which also involves Facebook and Blogger.

Yesterday, some quite dramatic new email information was passed to me, which I promptly passed to the investigating police officer.  Quite how Kent Police will respond remains to be seen but it had me grinning from ear to ear.

Back at Westgate or more accurately, Westbrook, my daughter took the pottery and shell fish samples from the last story into university for an expert opinion. The result came back as Roman period with a request to know exactly where so Kent Archaeology Trust can become involved with a proper dig. All very Time Team.

In the morning I will sort out a map and take some more photos for the university but I would please ask everyone not to go looking, as there is some potentially useful and fragile archaeology now exposed and should be left to the experts to investigate further.

Forgive any typing and spelling mistakes as I'm on my iPad on a lurching train passing Sittingbourne.

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