Sunday, January 05, 2014

Dream On

I see that two of Thanet's more controversial political characters, earned a brief moment of national attention, in this morning's Independent on Sunday; as did this local blog.

In fact, it was all about 'Councillors behaving badly;' parish and district both and once again, we saw the notorious Sandy Ezekiel story revisited as an example of how not to behave in public and comment passed on the recent conclusions of our own standards committee. It seems that Thanet isn't quite alone in drawing attention to some of the more bizarre actions of its local politicians but the article concludes that the standards regime is itself a hostage to political fortune. Until such a time as it is given powers to do more than mumble disapprovingly in a locked room, it's business a usual in Council chambers across the land.

Tomorrow of course, most people will be returning to work after the Xmas holiday and life can start again. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to risk standing on the bathroom scales and quite possibly, I'm not alone in my reluctance.

By now, many people will have read the press releases about the holiday rubbish collection or in some cases, non-collection and may perhaps have listened to my counterpart, Cllr Alan Poole on the radio. Originally, BBC Radio Kent asked me to pitch-up on Friday morning as Cllr Poole was unavailable for comment. And then, as if by magic, some might say, on hearing that I had been asked, he became available, which was nice, as I enjoyed a lie-in and could listen to the interview on the BBC iPlayer. Alan's media skills are impressive and I'm quite relieved he was able to quite firmly tell the BBC and the Thanet public, what's what and what's not in the wide weird world of rubbish recycling.

I failed to see any dilapidated coaches packed with Romanians or Bulgarians heading towards Margate on Thursday but I was sent this second photograph from Pegwell Bay of the sudden arrival of new cheap ferry service from Ostende in the early morning sunshine. One more possible use for the vacant Pleasurama site I'm told.


Anonymous said...

Funny Simon, I always had you down as someone who worked in the real world, which generally went back to work on the 27th Dec.

Only those sucking the public teet may have had the pleasure of a two week holiday at our expense.

Simon Moores said...

I might have been.. Working on Xmas Eve too but somewhat inconveniently the weather wrecked my aircraft which involved cancelling all my jobs until I can get the insurers out, as they too don't come back to work until tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Sucking the public teet.....clearly you have never worked in local government. The teet as you put it has been dry for years now, with no sign of it getting better for years to come.

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to see the results of high winds to your anchored down aircraft.

If you go into the business of unmanned drones, how much would you charge to follow the team who have failed to empty my blue and black bins since mid-December? Nothing nasty, just photos.

On a positive note, there is a nearby public bin which is emptied every day.

Ian Driver said...

Simon I was not contacted by the journalist. If what the article said was true, you told him that I had been reprimanded for taking photos of Cllr Everit and Tomlinson having a heated row in the Council Chamber early last year. I have submitted a complaint to the Independent stating that I have never been formally reprimanded by the Council for this action. Nor am I aware that I am likely to be reprimanded. As you know a formal reprimand can only come from the Standards Committee. no such reprimand has taken place. I do expect a fulsome apology from the Independent and have requested that the next time they wish to report on my activities they should speak to me direct rather than take the word of others.

Simon Moores said...

Ian.. No, that's what he said. My contribution was referring to Council meetings as being regarded by the public as a form of cabaret entertainment.

I don't believe there was anything in regard to photography on this weblog but he had been reading others too

Good luck with your apology.

Anonymous said...

Go away Ian Driver. No one is interested in your comments anymore.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure I'm quite ready to risk standing on the bathroom scales and quite possibly, I'm not alone in my reluctance."

You can say it as politically correct as you want, but calling other members of your family fat is just plain suicide!

Anonymous said...

Simon. The Chair of the Defence Cttee remarked about the future role of armed forces, public perception and the importance of "Resilience" in the infrastructure.

Do you think he has been reading Rick's report about the operation of terrorism law and the role of armed forces ?

There is some terrorism law that deals with civil nuclear security and "Resilience". That, according to my advice, precludes the publication of detail. Apart from saying that technical inquiry into a case of suspected sabotage at Dungeness has now been raised by Rick independent of Kent Police.

For argument's sake let us suppose that a saboteur was a long term associate of some users of a local gun range ........

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I have just noticed on the Gazette website that some rubbish caught fire last night ironically in Alan Poole's ward!