Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Step This Way Please

After watching last night's BBC Panorama report, on the facts and fears surrounding the spectre of mass Romanian and Bulgarian migration in the months ahead, I reached the conclusion that Margate is about to be over-run by a wave of pharmacists, and concert pianists.

There was a lively, if somewhat critical debate that followed on Twitter and I made several small 140 character contributions.

One, that "I've a wild political theory that the BBC, with programmes like Panorama are working tirelessly to pave the way for Ed Miliband," and another; "Viewers can only conclude there are two issues. Romanian migration is open to discussion, the other, the Roma is more difficult."

When a camp of Romanian squatters were evicted from Hendon football club in June, 65 out of the 68 people they found sleeping in makeshift shelters were from the village of Apata, seen in last night's programme. The BBC conceded that it's the mass arrival of the unskilled and uncounted that worries people and encourages support for political parties such as UKIP but at the same time, it's self-censured coverage appears designed to drive opinion to the right of the debate, when viewers intelligence is treated little better than small children.

There's a problem here, that nobody wishes to explore in any depth; certainly not the BBC and which goes back in history almost a thousand years. The Roma people, are as Panorama revealed, a separate ethnic group in Europe and have faced terrible persecution, since they arrived from India, a very long time ago.

Most recently and in the 1940's as the Nazis attempted to build their own empire eastwards in Europe, the Roma, like the Jews, suffered greatly during the holocaust, forgotten by many and now a cause for a deep-rooted sense of guilt among today's new Europeans.

In their own countries, spread among the eastern-European accession states, the Roma are still widely persecuted and to a greater extent live in what we would regard as unacceptable poverty and so, it makes perfect and logical sense for them to seek opportunity in a generous and liberal society, such as our own.

"Unskilled and uncounted" said the Panorama reporter, speaking about nobody in particular and yet everyone watching knew exactly what he meant.

When the BBC talks about Bulgarian and Romanian migration and wheels-out fluent English-speaking pharmacists and engineers as evidence supporting the benefits of free-movement and a border-less workforce, it's being quite disingenuous to the people of towns like Slough or even Margate. It can't say "If you are educated and skilled your'e welcome but if you are not and you plan to beg and claim benefits, then stay at home."

And it's like that with the governments of every European country with some, like France, being more vocal than most and prepared to take direct action to move or repatriate targeted communities of economic migrants in direct conflict with European law but when has that ever bothered the French, who will always act in their own national self interest above anything else?

If we are to manage our nation's future in a diverse, much older, multicultural and possibly poorer society that will approach 70 million people by 2020 we need proper, intelligent debate. Instead however, we dance around many of our deepest issues, those that concern the public most, in a crazed effort of political correctness across both government and the media. Above all, we need to ensure that we achieve a proper balance in our ageing society between those who we can welcome, those who can make a contribution and those we need to sustain and support with shrinking tax revenues.

We need to take firm steps to secure our future here in Britain and stop fiddling at the edges and dithering over the legacy of Europe's violent and divided past.


Anonymous said...

What a shame you couldn't all discuss this during a TDC meeting. That would really solve the problem!

Barry James said...

Can any one explain why seaside resorts like Blackpool, Margate, and Ramsgate suffer disproportionally over child neglect, unemployment, and other problems which makes such a fertile breeding ground for UKIP

Simon Moores said...

10:28. Discussing it would certainly not solve the problem but might go some way to framing what the problem actually is and whether indeed we have the resources available to deal with it, both now and in the New Year.

Simon Moores said...

Barry.. in one word, 'Poverty.'

If the poorest, most deprived, vulnerable and least educated members of the community are concentrated and over-represented, then the statistics are inevitable. This is true of Margate central and Cliftonville West which leads or comes a close second in just about every bad outcome you can imagine.

Simon Moores said...

See yesterday's press release:

TDC Conservative Group welcomes continued success of Margate Task Force

At the last meeting of Thanet District Council, Inspector Mark Pearson of the Margate Task Force (MTF) gave a presentation updating the council on the team’s work and ongoing success.
Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Bob Bayford welcomed the presentation and the awards won by the team, including the prestigious Partnership and Innovation Award at the Kent Community Safety Awards.

The Margate Task force is a multi-agency team comprising 14 agencies and over 30 staff, all of them co-located at Thanet District Council. It was formed to bring responsive, collaborative working to target the high concentration of vulnerable and at risk individuals and families in the Margate and Cliftonville areas. The team has reduced crime, and significantly improved joint ‘street level’ engagement, generating improved and more responsive service delivery in line with the specific needs of the local community

Cllr Bayford said: “The creation of the Margate Task Force is one of the Conservative administration’s finest achievements and I am pleased that it continues to make such an important contribution to our community, bringing together many agencies to tackle crime and to help the most vulnerable in the area. “

Barry James said...

without disparaging the work of the Margate Task Force the areas around cliftonville may be affected but they are not alone. Where is the work in Ramsgate. Thanet Council is supposed to represent the whole of Thanet not just Margate. Is TDC saying only Margate deserves help?

Simon Moores said...

Barry.. there's certainly no intention of ignoring Ramsgate and I see Laura Sandys has just won some money for Ramsgate children. Parts of Margate however have such severe social challenges that it merits its own task force and can be considered in a different league to other areas of Thanet and demands the strongest focus.

William Epps said...

Barry, some degree of self help is sometimes needed and, following complaints about anti-social behaviour in the 2012 Folk Week, the BTC took action themselves. Following discussions with Kent Police, the BTC offered a contribution to the costs of training more special constables.

Folk Week was far better this year, Kent Police have been impressed with the response locally to special recruitment and the visible police presence has improved. We cannot leave it all to TDC.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of realism which, to be fair, you have always addressed. It has to be faced that no amount of public money, thrown at the least able, can make any difference.

If you consider South Wales. 1936 Special Areas Reconstruction Act. Industry brought to the people. Nuffield Trust money also invested in creating work for the Valleys.

In the early years of the Barnet formula there were appeals in the South Wales press for the most able pupils to go to university to study science and engineering. The appeal asked the brighter 11 plus pass pupils not to leave education at the O and A level stages and to leave public admin jobs to the less able pupils (Jobcentre staff, council staff etc)

But deaf ears. One boxing coach I knew in Newport area. Two sons. Each got ten O levels at one sitting. Both then left school and became postmen. When dad reached retirement both his lads still worked as postmen. Both owned their own houses outright and had BTL property.

What happened to the bright pupils who studied engineering and science ?

"They make good tenants dad", said the two postmen.

Both posties by the way have OU degrees.

Investing in education for the less able unemployed. Well years ago Hilderstone ran (at great public expense) 6 month full time courses "New Horizons for the Unemployed". Teaching luminary subjects like inter and intra personal skills. How did that work out ? I don't think they got even one person into work.

Nowadays Ian Duncan Smith's help for unemployed and work related activity group ? Team building course with two attending psychologists as public funded course consultants. Team building starts with badge making and progresses to collage making.

Fiddling while Rome burns.

A society that over rewards low risk parochialism (Police and Public sector etc) and under rewards the true pursuit of excellence in science, engineering and medicine. That is a society that spends a long time theorizing about how to balance impossible books.

A society that rewards failure (Redundancy and severance payments)is a society whoch has sown the seeds of its own destruction.

The fact is that lacking an elite a society will sink into the less able bullying the least able. To whit Ian Duncan Smith and Lord Freud making blame victims of the disabled.

Merry Christmas Rick