Friday, November 01, 2013

Ten Years Further On

It's an unusual anniversary. Ten years since I wrote the first entry in this weblog and rather longer since I tried out 'Blogging' on my Zentelligence page, when Social Media was all about MySpace and being a blogger was as obscure as ' Tweeting' was five years ago.

If you look at the first entry on ThanetLife, then you can see a great deal has changed in ten years and it's not just the internet and the technology that surrounds it. I had just moved back down to Thanet from London and was still in and out of the Middle-east regularly, with the scars of the second Gulf War, still very much visible while climbing away from Kuwait's airport.

You'll see that I wrote: "The cultural and demographic changes here in Kent would be a wonderful subject for a novel and if I can find the time, I’m tempted to try and write one." In fact, I've been doing this on and off on this blog for a decade now and in many aspects, not a great deal has changed, other than my own involvement in local politics limiting my ability to freely express my concerns as I once did in the past. You might argue that UKIP's agenda locally has taken my place instead.

Some residents - I spotted Cllr King watching - may have seen me standing with one of our police officers while he was making an arrest in Station Road, earlier in the week. The individual required handcuffing and restraint and the help of a second supporting police car was needed. The gentleman was subsequently held on remand to appear in court. Subsequently, I had a meeting at Westminster with Sir Roger Gale, on Wednesday, to discuss the subject of our mental health provision in the town at a time when care budgets are under strain.

While we may enjoy the benefits of being a centre of excellence for treatment in Kent, there's a real worry that this medical accolade risks stimulating a one way traffic of acute patients from other areas, which tips the balance in the community. Some local traders have expressed their concern. Once again, being a local councillor I'm very limited in my ability to explore such delicate issues in a public forum. However, Sir Roger is now on the case and hopefully we will be able to arrange potentially helpful  meetings with both the Health Trust and the Police before Christmas.

August 4th 2013 was the 90th anniversary of Westgate on sea's War Memorial unveiling and dedication,

The now deceased Bill Hambidge took great pride in being one of the five founders members of the Royal British Legion (RBL). Little did Bill know that when the Second World War was to come, his own son Colin's, name would be added to the memorial.

Bill was the secretary for 50 years. He was also on the first committee at Maurice House and for a period was Vice-chairman. He then went on to become County vice-chairman of the RBL.

 In 2004 Bill's Great-granddaughter Raisa became Westgate's main poppy street collector along with her mother and father, Lorraine and Richard, raising over £2,000 to date. So along with Richard, Lorraine and Raisa you may meet Westgate on sea's Poppy Collector Mr Bobbee AKA., The Hambidge Hound.

I hope to see many readers, once again at the memorial on Remembrance Sunday to recall the sacrifices made by our armed forces in every conflict since the Great War.


Peter Checksfield said...

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary Simon! You probably won't publish this comment, but I mean that sincerely. Almost all the other local blogs that have come since then have either long gone or are bogged down by conspiracy theories and squabbling.

PS. Thanks for getting onto KCC about the footbridge (that comment was from me, but it is genuinely dangerous).

Solo Gays said...

Although I can understand the reasons behind the consolodation of acute mental health services at Canterbury, I think it has had considerable downsides. It is a considerable strain for staff, patients and relatives to get to out of the way St Martins. Experienced staff have been lost with an over-reliance on agency. It is with alarming frequency that wards do not have safe levels of physical intervention trained staff(yesterday there was no cover at all on a unit I attended). So "Centre of Excellence" in my opinion is mythical, unless you are of course refering to highly qualified medical staff who like to gather centrally in shiny new buildings?
With no Adult acute services at Margate I guess it became a question "out of sight out of mind". Such a shame because it did enable local newcomers to see if it suited them working in these environments, and find a level of committment that suited them, which just not seem to happen now?
Hope this helps?

Richard Eastcliff said...

We've had our disagreements, but I'd like to be the second to say congrats... and raise a toast to the next ten years!

Simon Moores said...

Thanks for that very generous comment ECR

Simon Moores said...

Peter.. Please see part reply below on the footbridge.

"However, notwithstanding the above, I believe Network Rail had committed to painting the footbridge following previous residents' meetings, so I have just called **** (Network Rail) who advised he has been chasing with their Structures Department to get this done and hopes they may now have a small budget to do this. He is going to chase this again and will ask them to respond directly."

Peter Checksfield said...

Excellent, thanks again Simon.

William Epps said...

May I add my congratulations on your 10th blog birthday, Simon. Yours is an interesting site, have really enjoyed some of the in flight films and the photography in general. It is also good to be able to discuss issues without the mindless trolls who simply insult.

Michael Child said...

Congratulations on ten years of Thanet Life Simon, long my you continue. I have just had a skim through some of you oldest posts by following your link to your first post and clicking compulsively on newer post.

One of the oldest being along the lines of The Turner Contemporary being a waste of money. As you probably know I maintain some degree of criticism towards the gallery, the latest being that the numbers on the paintings in the latest exhibition don’t match the numbers in the catalogue. Perhaps I was the only person who bought one and therefore noticed, so perhaps it doesn’t matter.

I feel a bit of a lone voice on this one, it is as though the gallery can now do no wrong, despite mopping up a couple of mill per year in public funding.

Don’t mistake my meaning here I am certainly not against the gallery, but I do sometimes wonder what other pundits think about it now, do you – for instance – have any views on the gallery now?

Simon Moores said...

I was proved wrong about Turner but then I think my initial objection was to the first gallery idea, which looked like it might end up like the Titanic and did.

Alasdair Bruce said...

Congrats Simon, your insight and sharp wit are always a good read. You also seem to attract some of the more constructive comments from your readers. Keep up the good work.


Always a pleasure to read your insights and see you yawn in council meetings.....

Simon Moores said...

With the fabulous collection of wit and political talent arrayed in opposite me I suppose it's a miracle that I'm not rendered unconscious.

Still.. I soldier on in the hope that one day soon, something useful may be achieved

Solo Gays said...

seeing how this thread has developed it seems a little churlish of me not to extend my congratulations for sticking it out!