Wednesday, November 06, 2013

It's a Wind-up

Tesco 3D Plan
I've been out and about walking my ward in Westgate in the rain this morning and the town is alive with a rumour that the Tesco application for Station Road has been granted.

In fact. I've got to the source of the rumour and can tell readers, that at present, no decision has been received from the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol and Cllr King, tells me he has had a conversation with Mr Ellis, the applicant and he has heard nothing either.

So while I can hear shoppers speaking about nothing else, It is, to coin a classic phrase, 'A wind-up' and of course, the moment I hear anything, one way or the other, I shall immediately 'Twitter' the information, so everyone following me will know within minutes of me; the decision on this being due imminently.

On a quite separate note, the Remembrance Day parade on Sunday will start at St Saviours church in Westgate at 11:45 with assembly from 11:15. I'm hoping for a fine day and a good turn by the town, out to support the event and remember all the members of our Armed Forces to have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country since the Great War. I've attached one of my own family photos from the time and its remarkable to think, that next year, it will have been 100 years since the outbreak of war in August 1914.


Colin said...

I know it's not your patch, but have you any idea when the Arlington Tesco issue is likely to be solved following - as far as I can recall - a request for a judicial review back in the summer.

Simon Moores said...

Can't immediately recall where it's got to at the moment.I'm sure someone will remind me though!?