Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Very Local Tragedy

The Happier Opening of the Why Not Micropub
Without adding further comment, I'm deeply saddened at the news of tragedy that led to a murder, this week, in Whiteness Road, Kingsgate.

Because of the connection with the Micropub, there is a great deal of speculation and the local paper has only reported on the arrest and charging of Lee Birch, who has been charged with the murder of his wife Annand appears in court in Dover this morning.

Because of the number of searches on the subject I can see hitting this weblog, looking for news on the subject, there was no longer any purpose served by keeping the private. I'm sure we will read more on this tragic matter in the local paper.

I'm visiting the Why Not pub in Lymington Rd this afternoon to see if there is any way of the business continuing for the the local community it services.

Postscript. I have been over there speaking with neighbours in the heavy rain this morning but found the micropub all locked-up. While I was around, the BBC's Jon Hunt pitched-up and so I have expressed the community's shock and sadness at this news. There's very little else that I can offer on behalf of the shocked residents and clients who knew the family.


Anonymous said...

Yes this is a tragic situation. Myself and my partner had recently 're-opened the pub for Anne to run it until her tenancy ran out at the end of November when we were hoping to take it on permanently. We were informed on Friday afternoon that we had to close the pub due to this tragic incident until the licensing situation has been resolved. Apologies to anyone who has been to The Why Not and found it closed! Jane

Simon Moores said...

Yes I have been up there twice in the last 24 hours trying to find you in order to help resolve the situation with licensing and keep the pub running. My number is at Morris General Stores. Please ask them for it and give me a call.