Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On your Bike

Another week of running around catching airplanes, my own or Easyjet's, depending on the distance involved. The new, 'First4Lawyers' advert appeared for the first time yesterday, so that's two TV adverts now running concurrently with our aircraft and I'm looking out for Ryan Air.

This morning, it's a return from Manchester, which, with a tailwind, shouldn't take much more than ninety minutes. Monday's flight up was pretty grim, sitting in the rain and cloud for most of the trip up to the city airport at Barton; followed by a presentation in the aptly named 'Cloud' room on the 23rd floor of the Manchester Hilton.

Tomorrow, it's the science museum in Glasgow and if readers are lucky perhaps they'll keep me as an exhibit of an unreformed Conservative local politician from the distant island of Thanet.

Manchester Hilton
On Sunday afternoon we were surprised at home to have four teenagers, three with bicycles, one without, come on to our property, through the large closed car gates and try and get into the bicycle shed. They were promptly chased-off but be advised, if you live in Westgate, that these lads appear quite undeterred by high walls and closed gates in broad daylight.

Time to go to the airport. I see Manston has been bought from the other blogs, so more later perhaps.

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