Thursday, October 03, 2013

Light, Camera, Action

I walked to the bank Margate and back this morning at took a few photos along the way, briefly stopping to act as a member of the public, for the teenagers conducting their school project survey.

A Council meeting this evening and on the agenda, the vexing topic of whether meetings should be filmed. This has been the subject of some concentrated attention by the Constitutional Review Working Party and I hope that tonight's business will see agreement across the political divide on how we can both respect the rules governing privacy - the consent of individuals to be filmed -  and more efficiently broadcast the business of the Council. What we need is a sensible compromise that recognises the changing nature of the democratic function the 21st century while recognising the selective risks that accompany any filming of Council business.

Well  done Westgate teenager, Raisa Hollaway-Hambidge, who figures as a major contributor to The Dementia Diaries, launched last Friday at County Hall.

Kent Online reports, that in the book, "Raisa, writing under the name Sarah, gives accounts of conflicting emotions: happy, sad, puzzling and poignant, just the way she felt them. Her stories appear alongside the real-life accounts of other young people to create a novel in cartoons and diary extracts, to raise awareness of dementia among young people."

Copies of the book have been sent to every school in Kent and will be available in county libraries.I have my own copy available here for £5.99 and it's excellent!

Finally, after a long wait, I see that the new Go Compare TV advertisement, filmed in March, appeared yesterday. You wouldn't believe how long we were going round and around in circles during filming. Looks as if a little post production CGI has turned the red letters green too!


Michael Child said...

Simon thanks for highlighting the webcasting issue, it is reassuring to know that a councillor who is clued up on itc will be involved in the debate.

As I am sure you know a search of YouTube will bring up numerous councils world wide that are live streaming their meetings directly onto YouTube at no cost and indeed, assuming you have the app on your iPhone, you could live stream the whole meeting via YouTube at far better quality than the council will eventually produce, well after the event.

Lorraine HH said...

From the BBC interveiw and todays km extra 4 school have asked if Raisa can give them a talk on living with a family member with Dementia. THE DEMENTIA DAIRIES is already working.
Don't forget to check out THE BRAINCELL BOOGIE on Youtube the song to go with the book.

Simon Moores said...

Yes.. these all appear to be US meetings. This kind of broadcast is protected by their constitution. Here is's not so straightforward I'm afraid.

Chuck Collins said...

I find it strange that there are no national guidelines concerning the filming and reporting of council meetings. Has nobody thought of examining what other authorities do and then establishing a standard 'best practise'? There are precedents galore so why are we having you all wasting yet more time chasing your tails around the chamber?

Michael Child said...

Simon I didn’t look very far but found council meeting webcasts from all over the world including the UK.

Anyway what I don’t follow with the Uk parliament and KCC live webcasting meetings and with TDC putting the meetings online at considerable expense to us taxpayers, would doing it for free be against the rules?

Something along the lines if it isn’t expensive enough the council can’t use it, possibly something to do with Labour being in control at TDC.

Simon Moores said...

Discussing this with Group now Michael. We need to find a compromise that respects the privacy of individuals and the conduct of local goverment while facilitating the online broadcast medium

1 o'clock Rob said...

Does a Councillor in a meeting acting on behalf of and being in effect paid by the electorate have a right to privacy?

Surely a fairly large sign stating that the goings on are recorded posted in the entrance way will cover the majority of issues?

In this day and age, as you state Simon, the electorate should be able to view the "goings on" of their elected officials via the web etc? It's not as if Youtube actually costs anything, the account could be locked but films could still be embedded for viewing purposes.

Anonymous said...

Off message I know, but has anyone been down to the new Turner exhibit? The stench outside from the harbour today was appalling. I was staggered by the number of people leaving the gallery with their hands covering their mouths. Having made the effort to get to the exhibit, they seemed desperate to just get as far away from the smell as fast as possible, never mind a stroll round the old town!
TDC has got to get a handle on dealing with the seaweed in the harbour. There is no other harbour in Thanet that stinks like Margate, and no excuse that can be offered to justify this continued problem other than incompetent officers and indifferent leadership from Labour.

Anonymous said...

Typical DFL's, they come to the seaside for "art" and then complain about the smell of the seaside!

Anonymous said...

See page 6:

Anonymous said...

If only all local councils were like this!

Anonymous said...

Actually 5.32, I'm a local and lived here all my life, not a DFL. As a local, we've put up with this situation for far too long. It was never like this during Margate's heyday, and if properly dealt with it should not happen now.