Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dublin Stroll

Dublin has come as a bit of a jolt after my first return since I upset the Finance Minister at a Croke Park conference by revealing that the nation's books were being mildly 'cooked' in the software sector.

The rest was of course history, as is the Finance Minster and the Government that mired the Irish Republic in near impossible-levels of debt when the financial crash revealed the weakness of its economy.

The centre of Dublin however, is in strong contrast with Barcelona yesterday and in parts, reminiscent of Cliftonville's Northdown Road. It reflects the real economic hardship, unemployment and similar high levels of diversity on every corner.

I have a presentation to give at the Guiness Factory a little later and an interview to give to the Sunday Business Post before heading back towards Gatwick.

I was delighted to hear by email, that a locally kidnapped Chihuahua has been recovered safely. The owner tells me a bizarre story, worthy of 101 Dalmatians, that involves a kidnap from her garden, that led, via CCTV on the trains, all the way to Brighton. Apparently, it was Facebook that proved instrumental in finding the dog, which illustrates one of the 'real' benefits of Social Media.

Finally, the very tired and repetitive political rhetoric from Labour's Cllr Poole and Cllr Fenner can be more than tedious at Thanet District Council's meetings from a pair with a tenuous grasp of history and an even more dismal appreciation of simple economics.

You may see what I mean if you listen to Cllr Poole's regular cant against "rich bankers' - I think he said 'bankers' - at the last Council meeting, which was of course was recorded and is once again available for the public to see, appreciate or throw rocks at. If you don't wish to watch the whole thing then Cllr Poole's performance starts one hour in and of course, don't forget to watch Cllr Driver's latest display of amateur dramatic talent.


Bemused of Birchington said...

Re TDC Meeting. I may be biased but with a few exceptions most common sense was spoken from the Conservative side of the chamber. The Labour side, together with a multi-coloured green are swept away by Labour party rhetoric, and are spinning out of control.

William Epps said...

I really do not know how you manage to stand TDC meetings, Simon. All this historic Labour rhetoric, totally irrelevant to local governance, trundled out, almost parrot fashion, time and again. It would drive me to the brink of throwing something, if not up, I am afraid.

Over on Thanetonline, Michael has dug up some history dating back to the 18th century where the clergy ran local government. Might be the answer rather than this present pantomime.