Friday, October 18, 2013

Dig Deeper

Attempting an Escape from Glasgow's Science Centre
In the absence of anything longer, just a few pictures from my week, which involved one presentation in Manchester, a big power outage at Gatwick and a second presentation at Glasgow's Science Centre, which didn't see me home until 1:30 am, thanks to a somewhat delayed EasyJet flight.

With all the excitement surrounding Manston airport being sold for a £1.00, I'm told I'm on the new airport Cabinet Advisory Group. Quite what it's remit will be I don't know as yet but to quote that well worn expression, "It's good to talk."

Lots of people are becoming very exercised indeed about the new rubbish collection system of multiple bins, which starts next month; I've even been collared on the street. So I have asked for a meeting with the Director of Service at Thanet District Council, Mark Seed, to share some of the many concerns that appear to worry people. I should add though that I'm simply a Shadow Cabinet (CON) member in opposition and the man with the grand plan to date, has of course been Cllr Alan Poole (LAB) so I'm not particularly optimistic that we might see any refinement of the new policy on recycling, whether any appeal to common sense is involved or not.

The View from Manchester's Hilton
What little I saw of Glasgow was in the pouring rain on arrival and still going strong when I left the city. I'm impressed by the way that their Science Centre has copied our own Science Museum in providing a great learning and experimentation environment for children and it was packed whenI arrived; reminiscent of a wild scene from the St Trinian's movie but with no Margaret Rutherford in sight.

Fortunately, the event started after the centre closed to the public, so for a while, at least, I was able to wander around and have it to myself, while I waited t deliver my 6:30pm presentation.

With luck, as we dive deeper into winter, I will have some more time to blog but as you will have no doubt noticed, it's very much ad-hoc at present, if only because I have been travelling quite frequently over the last month.


Andrew said...

On the bins Simon our street in westgate after today's black bin collection the next one won't be for 3 weeks! We phoned the council offices to check they hadn't got the collections the wrong way round and were told it was correct. They suggested putting our extra rubbish in black bin bags (that rubbish for us including dirty nappies and dog's business!) but when asked they revealed they would not be collecting any extra bags on that first black bin collection. It was suggested to them that we deposit said excess waste outside the council offices to which it was suggested a fine for fly-tipping would follow - of course they then demanded to know our name to which we declined! Also this new system now means on blue bin days there are 3 rubbish receptacles to move from side of our property to the front and 2 on black bin days...for an elderly person or disabled one (like myself) this is going to be somewhat problematic. All seems a dreadful waste of money to me when there was nothing really wrong with the current system apart from not being collected regularly enough so having maggot issues!

Simon Moores said...


I have a meeting with the powers that be on Wednesday morning and your comments have been passed on to the very top!

Andrew said...

Thanks Simon. They do offer assisted collections so i daresay that will be their defense to that one but pushing/dragging a wheelie bin is easier for less mobile people than bending down to pick up and carry bags and food bins. Their argument for refusing to collect excess rubbish was that by having the food waste collected weekly we would have more room in the bin so would have enough room but they didn't accept rubbish festering for upto 3 weeks posed any environmental health risk.

Anonymous said... the other daughter and others who live in the residential area at the top of Station road still have to use dustbins. She would love to have a wheelie bin! Result is our blue bin holds recycling for two households and I have my doubts that the daft red bag for paper/cardboard is going to be big enough.

Bemused of Birchington said...

The brown OUTDOOR food bin is very light and will blow away in a reasonably high wind. OK for summer generally, but in winter I can see them scattered all over the place, especially as they will have to be ready for 6 in the morning, which for most people means overnight at the roadside. I have seen wheelie bins toppled on a stormy night, causing a hazard to pedestrians and motorists alike. It will be impossible to shelter them on a collection day.
I have been told that the red bag can be placed on top of the blue bin to keep it away from dog fouling. With two weeks worth of The Daily Telegraph plus junk mail etc. this will be a heavy item.

I was told on a road show that in addition to new vehicles, 29 new staff will be employed to carry out the additional work, a wage bill of £352,072 if the minimum wage is applied. Where is all this money coming from?

We only need two bins, wet and dry. Let machines do the sorting.

Doubtless the EU is at the bottom of this.

Anonymous said...

Check your RED BAG's carefully, half the stitching was either missing or miss alligned on mine. Soon as you put anything in it, it all falls apart.

WWRA website has been down for sometime. says its expired.

Derek Smith said...

Margaret Rutherford wasn't in St Trinians. Mildred Fritton was played by Alistair Sim. Important to get it right.

Simon Moores said...

Quite right my mistake and a fading memory! Apologies!

Andrew said...

how did the meeting go yesterday Simon?

Wondering if you can shed any light on this from your meeting. I just looked at and see an alert saying

"Calendars with collection dates for the new recycling and waste collections have been sent out to all residents in Thanet. An error in printing meant that for calendars headed Standard A Monday or Tuesday and Standard B Monday or Tuesday, November dates are not clear. For these calendars, Friday 8th and Friday 22nd November will be black bin/bag and brown bin collections. On Friday 15th and Friday 29th November, collections will be for the blue bin/box, red bag and brown bin. All other information is correct.".

Our collection calendar is Standard Round B Monday so i've absolutely no idea when we are meant to put what bin out now as it's not obvious. "error in printing" and "not clear" ...can't they just admit they've made a balls up!

Simon Moores said...

I had to go away on business right after the meeting but will write my thoughts when I get home again

Anonymous said...

After reading Andrew's comment, I have had a closer look at the calendar. Hmm....the 18th and the 22nd of November are nowhere to be seen. So, normally having had a Friday collection, do we now assume that the first two collections under the new system will still be on a Friday with no collection on the 1st?
Do we then change to Mondays in December? Help!!!! Plus...what of the folk who will not have seen this info on the website? Pray, how in this day and age can anyone manage to omit days on a calendar?

Anonymous said...

OK...lets add to the confusion shall we? I made a previous comment which has not come through yet. But...being a bit concerned about elderly neighbours who are not online, I decided to phone and enquire which way was up. I was informed firmly that the website has not yet been updated with the info for the new collections! I duly read out what I was looking at ( as Andrew commented...Friday collections as listed) and after the person at the other end going away to check, got the answer that the collections were to be Mondays as shown on the calendars we recieved. Is anyone any the wiser?
Shall we just put the bins out on both days and see when they are emptied? Soooooo impressed!

Anonymous said...

I live on the 3rd floor in one of seven flats in a large house... I'm also fit and healthy, but even I will struggle carrying these containers down the stairs when full (and there's no space to store these in the downstairs communal area without blocking fire escapes). Surely a far better idea for people like us would be to have larger communal-type recycle bins?

Anonymous said...

In answer to 8:12, it seems that some people are only getting some of the bins. I live in a similar residence and they've only given us the small bins for food, with none of the larger bins or bags. I still can't see even that working though. What happens if just one resident puts food in the main bins and it's left rotting for a fortnight in the middle of summer? Should everyone suffer?

Anonymous said...

I agree with "bemused of Birchington" if it ain't broke don't fix it. Just add bottles and aerosols to the blue lid bin and leave it as it was before. Let the machine do the sorting as it is supposed to.
I'd like to know what happens to all these teabags. Does someone at the recycling plant stand there opening all the used teabags to get the tea leaves out so that it can be composted? And what are we supposed to do with cat food pouches - landfill? All seems backwards to me. If someone buys me flowers am I supposed to subscribe to a green waste bin so that I can dispose of them properly.
I could go on and on but am bored with it already, can't wait for bin day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I put our black bin out in Westgate on Nov 4th as per calender along with new brown bin on monday morning and its now weds nothings been emptied except the little brown bin baffling!!