Monday, September 30, 2013

Going Dutch

Looking at last night's Thanet Gazette, 'Tweets' it very much looks as if there was an attempted murder at either the QEQM A&E or that it reportedly started in Westgate's Adrian Square and ended there with the police cordoning part of the hospital off. I'm sure we'll find out more on the BBC's Southeast news later today.

Having visited Rotterdam briefly yesterday, I think I now grasp a few of the words of the song from the band, 'The Beautiful South.'

I had a client from Redhill,who fancied taking his family to the city for lunch, never having visited there before. Alderney and the Channel Islands, the preferred choice were sitting in low cloud. So we left the gloomy weather at this end for the bright sunshine and gusty wind on the Dutch coast.

Two things I learned. Rotterdam's big modern airport isn't really set-up for visiting aircraft smaller than a Learjet and you can take a good hour, simply getting in and out of the terminal building, complete with your own set of boarding cards and a gate number. Secondly, Rotterdam, appears a modern 'European' city with much of its native culture invisible or lost after the war and the heavy bombing it experienced. Having instructed the taxi driver to drop us somewhere with nice restaurants, is reminiscent of the multi-cultural East-end of London but with lots of coffee bars, a fine new mosque and an absence of restaurants but lots of take-aways; Afghan, Indian, Chinese, Jamaican, you name it.

So we found a nice cafe, enjoyed some pizza and spaghetti and I refiled my flight plan with Schipol, to leave two hours earlier back to England, once I had convinced airport handling security that our unusual-looking group actually had an aircraft outside and weren't having them on.

I did avoid the Dutch lager and the hidden delights of the Bob Marley coffee bar, for fear of falling asleep at the controls on the way home but I suspect one can find both of these just as easily within a short walking distance of my home in Westgate.

Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of a day trip; 1:10 minutes each way but next time, I have suggested France perhaps as a better choice of lunch location, as there's no shortage of good restaurants close to many of its airfields, private or public.

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