Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bloggers Block

If you have wondered why I've been quiet of late, then its because I'm suffering from a kind of 'Bloggers Block' of sorts; finding it very hard to conjure up the enthusiasm to fire my thoughts off through the keyboard.

Fed-up with Blogging
The other week, I was conferring with one of our other popular and still surviving local bloggers and I noticed that he and I shared much the same feelings about a medium under constant attack by the unpleasant, the obsessive and perhaps the borderline insane. If you wonder why I'm now the only local politician passing comment on anything of local importance, it's because the others gave-up long ago, trying to deal with single issue topics and abuse from the same people, over and over again.

For some, I might recommend increasing the dosage of their medication before they contribute and for others, perhaps a strong shot of whiskey, depending of course on which side of this often bizarre and paranoid Thanet digital divide, you might be sitting at the time.

I'm sure, that eventually, I will start posting regularly again but until then, like everyone else with an appreciation for our local environment, I'm enjoying the Indian summer while it lasts.

On a local note, I'm very pleased that the two vulnerable teenagers and their puppy, living under a tree in the Sea Road gardens have hostel accommodation from today. I would really like to thank the genuinely devoted people at TDC and Cllr Iris Johnston for their help in getting them off the street into a hostel.

This was one of the worst cases I have had to deal with in my ward and seeing a young boy and girl living-out under a tarpaulin,  in the pouring rain in the 21st century and within walking distance of my home, came as a shock. I know other local people helped-out with blankets and food over the last week and I would like to send them my thanks.

While we all have our problems and Thanet, more than most, the Council, for all its faults and shortage of resources, does try very hard to manage some very difficult and often heart-breaking situations to a successful conclusion. On occasions, the public can too easily focus too much on single issue stories and forget the good work that goes on in the background in an area of high deprivation. That's where the role of a ward councillor is so very important in making a small difference and if a member of the public hadn't alerted me to the plight of the two teenagers in Sea Road, I would not have known about it and they would still be outside.

So as a final request to readers from Westgate, please do let me know about problems like this or indeed, Cllr King or Cllr Hibbert if your prefer, so we can move quickly to try and help where we can.


Anonymous said...

Howdy stranger ;)

Westgate-on-Sea is on the upside of the digital divide now.
Most people have/can order superfast broadband since the begining of September.

Just think about being able to upload your video's and photo's 16-17 faster then you can right now.

William Epps said...

I think the 'Bloggers Block' extends to those that comment as well, although that may be 'Bloggers Apathy,' for meaningful debate has been in short supply around the sites.

This probably stems from the same problem of being attacked by the single issue trolls, usually including some insult regardless of what one writes.

Not sure what the answer is, other than the total elimination of anonymous contributions, although all who comment thus are not guilty, along with the known fruit cakes.

Alternatively we try to keep going, but ignore the 0% salaries and Manston aquifer junk, thus sending them to Coventry as it were. Problem there is that they then, as seen on ECRs site, start exchanges with themselves.

Keep going if you can because we will soon be into countdown to the next elections and that usually flushes out a few extra contributors. Even if they do tell us they have voted for 'X' party all their lives, but will never do so again because of bedroom tax or fox hunting.

Anonymous said...

Simon, hang on in there. Since the demise of Biggles, yours is the only blog worth reading. Politics in Thanet is a mess, but a balanced blog like this is a vital part of wheels that turn this place.

Anonymous said...

Apart from Capt. W.E. Johns creation, and Smudger's references, who is Biggles if not Simon?

Anonymous said...

Hello Simon,

I'm a little disturbed that you seem to be defending "John Hamilton" on facebook, and dismissing Ann Barnes' alledged investigation into his vile comments about (mostly) decent Thanet folk. Would you like to expand on this?

Anyway welcome back! The local blogging scene needs livening up again, bullying aside of course.

Simon Moores said...

Anonymous.. I'm equally disturbed that you might suggest such a thing without any evidence to support your claim!

I simply pointed out, with some knowledge of blogging and the law, that if no criminal offence has been committed, Anne Barnes can say what she likes but that won't prevent any blogger from writing what he wishes, however distasteful that might be to his readers.

Duncan Smithson said...

Simon - please do not lose hope. I dont often look at local blogs but yours is one of the three local ones that are worth looking at.

It is a shame that a few seem to spoil the comments exchange and drag the level of discourse down to a 'playground' mentality. Personally, I have little problem with administering the "ban hammer" but I know this is more tricky on a blogger site.

Keep your chin up. Yours is one of the few worthwhile reads. Lets hope people keep their comments relevant and about the business at hand. Then we may get somewhere

Anonymous said...

Ref: Biggles - It must be Bertie Biggles and Thanet strife a brilliant blog and much missed although maybe not by Simon.Bertie was'nt full of himself unlike the good doctor and made a great contribution to local political blogging.

Richard Eastcliff said...

It may come as a shock (and don't tell any of my readers), but I have to agree wholeheartedly with you about the current miserable, lunatic state of comments on Thanet blogs. It's put me right off, to the extent that I'm seriously thinking of going Facebook-only.

Which would be a shame, as I think the ability to post anonymous (but sensible, witty , informative, on-message, politically stimulating) comments is one of Blogger's strengths.

Hey-ho. What's a blogger to do?

Anonymous said...

Simon, thank you for your answer regarding John Hamilton, point taken. However the fact remains that it's people like him who have put many people off from posting, or at least forced them to post anonymously (and I should know as I am amongst the many who have been bullied by him!).

Norah Batty said...

"seeing a young boy and girl living-out under a tarpaulin, in the pouring rain in the 21st century and within walking distance of my home, came as a shock. I know other local people helped-out with blankets and food over the last week and I would like to send them my thanks."
- One thing spring to mind after reading this sad blog, people were helping with food and blankets yet not one of those people had space to take them in ? If you ever hear of a case like this again, please call me, I will take them in, I have a spare room and I am sure they would welcome some comfort and a good meal while the TDC sorts out their problems. You know who I am Simon. We all have a responsibility to help where we can. I am appalled by this story.

Simon Moores said...

That's very kind. Thank you.