Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Brief Nap

August, I find is rarely an inspiring month to write weblog entries and particularly when we are enjoying the best and possibly the most unexpected summer in years.

To be honest, while the Sun's been out, the temptation to have a nap, much like the lady I once photographed in Athens, opposite, has been irresistible but good weather brings business with it and this season has been the best since 2008.

As a pilot, you have to start flying somewhere and I recall my first experience was in the same month that the movie, 'Top Gun ' was released. Tom Cruise did of course have better looks, a larger budget, an engine and the support of the United States Navy but for me, a Thanet lad, briefly abandoned on Hawaii's island of Oahu, it wasn't all so bad.

The news today on the unrest in Egypt is very worrying, if only for the implication for a very fragile region of the world. It's now not really safe or sensible to travel in a huge swathe of the Middle-east and for an 'Arabist' like me, this is very depressing. I used to travel to Egypt more times than I can remember and I have a strong personal affinity with the country and its people. To see it unraveling with growing sectarian violence between groups that have co-existed peacefully for centuries, simply illustrates the last gasps of the fevered regional politics that followed the end of the First World War.

Politics here in Thanet isn't quite up to Middle-eastern standards but with the continued antics of Cllr Ian Driver and Cllr John Worrow, you can be sure there's never a dull moment, as we totter from one rhetorical crisis to the next. You have to wonder what comes next; surely not another 'fracking' crisis you might ask but you never know!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think TOP GUN reads like its says TOP GURL in this post?

I'll have to pop down to select spec's to get my eyeballs tested lol.

Simon Moores said...

It does.. how strange?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was some sort of spoof adult movie that inspired you!