Monday, August 26, 2013

Bank Holiday Best

A great day of sunshine to finish-off the August Bank Holiday following three very poor days for those of us who have to work with light aircraft.

I was up at Seething airfield near Norwich at lunchtime, running a flying marriage proposal that had been postponed from 'Thunderstorm Saturday.'

One of the advantages of the Bank Holiday, is that the huge MOD ranges between us and Clacton are closed, which allows for a straight line flight path at around 5,000 feet, in contrast with the regular detour around Southend, when the ranges are open and the airspace closed. Forty-five minutes to Norwich with a spectacular view of Norfolk is something to be enjoyed.

I hear, that around Thanet, it's been a very successful holiday weekend to bring a remarkable summer to its conclusion. I really can't say that after such a spectacular evening along Westgate's seafront, I'm much looking forward to the days drawing-in, as Autumn makes its appearance.

As a footnote, I've just had an email from the production company, that the project that I filmed with the BBC's One Show, will be screened on Wednesday evening at 7pm. Lord knows how it will turn out?

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