Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

I can't recall being this busy since before the start of the recession and I'm hearing much the same message from other small businesses.

Market confidence is visibly returning and companies are starting to spend money again. In the last week, on the flying side of my work alone, I've had bookings from Samsung,  the Eastbourne Airshow, British Motocross GP and Snetterton circuit, adding to the work already stacked in the diary for the next two months and not including separate projects in both Kiev and Barcelona.  This Friday through Sunday, I've six jobs to do all over the place, including a display run down the July course at Newmarket at 6:30 pm on Friday.

I hate to appear political but it does rather look as if George Osborne's economic strategy is starting to show signs of success, however painful the medicine to get the nation back on its feet again, having being left with the largest debt and 'emptiest treasury' of any European nation by the profligate last Government.

On a different note, I forgot to tell readers that two different standards complaints made about my online presence, to Thanet District Council have been thrown out. One alleged that I was libelling one of our regular visitors by declining to publish remarks about former councillors who served well before my time and the other, involved a complaint surrounding a personal comment on ThanetOnline, where I made some kind of remark about a photographer taking advantage of vulnerable women.

Of course both of these standards complaints will have cost the Council time and money to investigate and like my black-humoured Twitter remark about Harriet Harman a week or so ago, mirrored by another in the Daily Mail the next day, risks being whipped-up to a frenzy by the fringes of the left and those who have nothing better to do than be offended. Wishing a for nothing more than bland, anodyne politicians who speak in politically correct sound bytes and recycle their spaghetti. That's not for me I'm afraid.

It's increasingly hard for the public to believe in such colourless politicians, both local and national when the actors themselves either have no strong beliefs or opinions to measure them by or are absolutely forbidden to express any view which risks upsetting one vocal minority or another. As is very much true in Thanet at present, we get the government we deserve.

So that was a quick public broadcast break and I'm back to work. Thursday evening it's the Dreamland CPO appearing at a full Council meeting. A conclusion in sight after so many years of attempting to bring the famous amusement park back into use.

Disappointed in University of Kent at Canterbury. I call up the archaeology department and offer them the high-resolution photos of the site shown in the last blog entry.  I struggle to make it clear that I'm offering them the photos for 'Free.' Eventually told that someone will call me back but they never did!

Update: that rattled the right cages and the University now have the photos!


Solo Gays said...

I gather there was a lot of controversy over that development? I am sure the last thing they would want to do was rub salt in the wound with aerial photographs of the flattened area. I am sure you meant well.

Anonymous said...

Yes Reasons to be cheerful,Margate old town thriving and lots of new Hotels/Restaurants,bars opening up in lower end of high street,so imagine my(and many others)dismay at learning that a large proportion of the new builds at westwood cross are being allocated to troublesome London Boroughs!!It beggars belief!!Why oh why is Thanet always"Dumped On!?"Betting Whitstable would'nt put up with it-why should we??I thought(and many others)that we were not going to take any more,so sad when the town is making the effort..Heaven only knows we haven't got the infustructure,oh my....

Anonymous said...

Its news to me Simon. As I understand it council leaders were discussing jurisdiction issues last evening. I received an email or two last evening from Harvey Patterson.

It ended with him refusing to answer various points of law and electing future silence.

I froze action against you some time ago until jurisdiction and facts, like concealment of evidence from a Standards process, can be established.

Best wishes Rick

Anonymous said...

Just wondered what your thoughts were on the mayhem that occured on Margate beach over the weekend with thousands from london,illegal parking and all ending in a stabbing!?So sad that "families" could'nt enjoy their beach without unorganised madness?We sadly felt threatened and left what was to be a family get together in our home town..and apparently the councilwere warned way back in May that this would be a potential problem.Hmm.any thoughts..

Simon Moores said...

Alright I confess . I'm really a former member of the IRA and smuggled machine guns into Thanet to be illegally used for the training of Al Qaeda terrorists, posing as foreign language students at a Birchington firing range in the early 1990s.

Correct me if I have missed anything and I'm sure the libel trial will be a national news item when it finally comes!

Meanwhile I consider that the risk of disorder on Sunday was inevitable and the police should have realised this. Just ask any London copper!

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know if there was any benefit to local traders from the huge numbers who descended on Margate on Sunday. Doubt it somehow as they seem to bring everything with them. How is this sort of gathering permitted to have sound systems and BBQ's on the beach? Traffic was crazy with cars stopping without warning and people milling across the road. One relative found a journey took an hour instead of the usual fifteen minutes. This 'event' seems to have grown out of all proportion.
On the other hand, according to my daughter and friends who attended the organised event at Quex, the traffic handling and car park marshalling was extremely well done. No unpleasant incidents as far as they were aware. The only negative comment was the amount of litter left behind.

Simon Moores said...

I think there is a consensus among councillors that the disadvantages of playing host to such large events on Margate sands far outweigh any benefits.

There groups frequently bring everything with them and trading uplift is minimal I'm told

Anonymous said...

Well done for publishing my reply above Simon.

The issues include, as you know full well, that a Planning Officer of TDC heard unlawful machine gun fire issue from the range.

He did not report this to police. A Standards complaint was made against his conduct and that of a cllr.

At a time the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and the Terrorism Act 2000 were in force.

The Standards process sat whilst the evidence file concerning the gun range was concealed from members.

Harvey's position, as I understand it, is that he refused to obtain the TDC records. Because his position is that the law imposes no duty on TDC to report crime.

Scotland Yard post 9.11 inquiry 2001 announced in press that they wished to interview a Mark Yates in connection with training of Al Quedda suspects at English Gun ranges.

Two witnesses, of which I am aware, independently saw squads of middle easterners being trained at the Thanet range.

It is not for us to guess whether or not this had significance to the Scotland Yard inquiry. It is for us to report it.

One of the witnesses however received a phone call rather indicating that he should keep quiet.

What has been written about IRA by me is that they conducted sophisticated benefits fraud from a Thanet base. And one such case was caught 1976. And that three cases of similar MO featured in warnings given to Kent Police concerning the security of Deal Barracks 1988/89.

The other mention of IRA from me was "Sabotage consistent with Stage 3 of the OIRA Garland Plan"

The use of a Thanet range circa 1993/94 is suspected to be for a group who dubbed themselves "South Africa Scouts". And you may know in 1994 that Desmond Tutu sat on the South Africa commission of inquiry after a mercenary was shot dead by South Africa Police. And the information from the source was copied to HM Coroner in case it had significance in Thanet sudden death of 2008.

Do you think TDC has no duty imposed on it by law to report crime ?

Anyway power to you for publishing my response. Rick

Anonymous said...

Where was Iris Johnson, she afterall is head of Tourism, and always present for a photo call and self praise, it seems as if the Event was known, yet nothing from the queen of Margate, come on Iris this is no time to be shy, it is time to take responsibility

Simon Moores said...

Absolutely Rick!

Bemused of Birchington said...

Referring to recent events with the Standards committee, do they have any teeth? What is the biggest sanction in their armoury? I note that a particular Birchington councillor has ignored their findings. Am I right?

Peter Checksfield said...

Whether they were right or wrong is a matter of opinion, but surely things have been handled pretty badly when I have to read the result of my standards complaint on here instead of via letter / email / phonecall from TDC!

Simon Moores said...

Possibly so frivolous and malicious a complaint that quite possibly it wasn't worth the effort of spending any more officer time on it but I really couldn't say!

Anonymous said...

Not the point, due process is just that and should apply equally across the board irrelevant of how big or small the complaint. Yes, a certain Birchington cllr has ignored all his punishment, for what its worth, from the standards committee.

Anonymous said...

5:17. That rumour has been doing the rounds re the allocation of the new housing at Westwood Cross for a while now. If it is true then it is just madness considering the housing needs of our own people, so we give up valuable agricultural land for more housing for people from outside Thanet. No wonder why people have given up voting.

Anonymous said...

According to today's Gazette, Margate seafront traders reported their busiest weekend of the year! So it's nonsense to claim that the beach parties don't benefit the economy.

Simon Moores said...

Yes but the weekend is two days long and the big groups bring their own food and drink and then, if you had seen the beach the next day - leave the remains of the party there.

Great credit to the Council's cleaning team for quickly putting the sands back into pristine condition by 10:00 am.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of sending the cost of the clean up to whoever organised the event? Having seen the mess, well done to the cleaners for a tremendous job!