Thursday, June 20, 2013

Collector's Corner

You can see from last night's photo, that Thanet remains at the leading edge of public transport innovation.

Seeing a pair of Sinclair C5's trundling along the promenade at St Mildred's Bay, was almost bizarre and I wished I had kept my original ZX80 computer, which might be worth a handsome amount on eBay these days.

I also noticed the St Mildreds cafe has closed down and is already suffering from vandalism, with an attempt to break-in through the back door. We now only have Pav's cafe remaining in the bay and this awful summer is unlikely to inspire anyone to invest in the derelict cafe opposite. It's not good for tourism or the local economy and I worry that it's only a matter of time before some teenager with 'issues' breaks in with a box of matches.

It's the Manston airshow on Saturday and the forecast is once again unsettled. Looking at the predicted wind speeds, it may count me out as they might well exceed my own safety limit, which would be disappointing. Sunday looks a little better and we could have an England vs India final up at Edgbaston, where reportedly, the ICC, have been making rather a lot of noise at the prospect of  me flying around, somehow believing they have control of the airspace and any messages or advertising in the vicinity of the cricket ground, which they don't.

On the news this morning, a report that seaside towns are among those where childrens' education is suffering as a consequence of disadvantage and poverty.

Think about this for a moment. Successive governments have had almost 100 years to solve this problem and a good sixty years since the arrival of the welfare state but haven't, which begs a number of questions. Visit a country like Egypt, where the poverty is far deeper than hours and you will find families living without electricity and sometimes a roof but children aspiring to be doctors. Education is valued but in this country we suffer from a number of problems, not least of all, 'poverty of expectation' and instead, celebrities and footballers are the icons of popular achievement, with our children distracted by a raft of new technologies that deliver the potential for attention deficit disorder, in neat white plastic cases. What on earth are we going to do when Google glasses become as disruptive and pervasive as iPhones within five years?

One of our best-known educational minds is Sir Ken Robinson. He now lives in the United States, which is good for them but arguably not for us. I've embedded a TED video of a recent Ken Robinson talk. Have a look if you can and then wonder what our childrens education might look like if he had a hand in it rather than successive generations of politicians who consistently fail to create the climate of success that we need to compete with powerful emerging nations like Singapore.

Remaining loosely with the subject of education or indeed its absence, I'm told that the youth who was stabbed and 'bricked' at Westgate station last Sunday evening, has had to go to East Grinstead for reconstructive surgery to his face. Reports I'm getting is that it has something to do with Lymington Road gangs and we have to be vigilant that this does not spill over into a second revenge attack.

No politics today, as it appears that at least a week has passed without a single new disaster for Clive Hart's battered Labour administration. Well, there is the Arlington Tesco appeal but that's another story in the Independent newspaper.

Finally. I would like to thank the editor of the Thanet Gazette, for her generous donation of £50.00 to the RSPCA in return for one of my aerial photos of Margate Football Club. I have matched the amount and made the donation. Now I'm on their accounts system, I'm very happy to share my photos in return for a small charity donation and a credit, should she ask in future.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the food and service in that cafe was truly dreadful.

Anonymous said...

From Mick Tee on facebook:

INTERESTING-Heard tonight [Wednesday] of a 'New' of like minded people in the town setting up a committee, who are fed up with various people not wanting progress and investment in Margate because a few do not like it, also going out of their way through the media telling residents not the truth.
eg: The proposed Tesco is NOT going to be built on Margate Sea Front.
The group opposing this and many other projects in Margate are costing you the council taxpayer a small fortune.

Anonymous said...

How often can Ms.Oldfield keep requesting 'judicial enquiries' and appeals against appeals?
I cannot decide if she is supremely intelligent or just a batty old dear? Either way, she is becoming rather annoying.

Duncan Smithson said...

LOVE the C5's!!!!!!!! Want one!!! We should try to invite these people to the local carnivals - they would look brilliant!!! And I still have my rubber keyed Spectrum tucked up in a box at my mum and dads. Oh Clive. When you got it right, you so got it right. The C5 was not your best though :D