Friday, May 03, 2013

The Big Swing

UKIP Answers the Call
I suspect yesterday's headline: "A Joke is a Very Serious Thing," was a good predictions of today's Kent County Council results as UKIP victories sweep the board across Thanet. That's with the exception of Will Scobie in Cliftonville, who will require enormous patience to sit with the bizarre political company he will be keeping for the next four years; that's if he stays that long before the local Party propels him towards his ambition of a Parliamentary candidacy, which is the cunning plan.

Without a doubt, this powerful protest vote, uniting unemployed blue collar voters and well-pensioned colonels, sends a powerful message to Westminster and not just the Conservative Party. For county politics, I can't see that the successful candidates will prove universally good news for local people, given the manifold talents of many of those the public has, in its wisdom, voted into a position of influence for the next four years.

I'm reminded of Italian politics and the nationalist sentiment that propelled 1930s Germany, because this is what the result resembles and we should all be thankful that at least La Cicciolina wasn't standing alongside the members of UKIP. If she or her equivalent had, I would not have been at all surprised.

UKIP and many of its 'Wackier' candidates now have to learn to speak in term of cogent policies for the people of Kent rather than articulate simple populist protest. Perhaps the final word on the result should go to Monty Python's Flying Circus, which for me, says it all for the population of Thanet.


Anonymous said...

THanks for this Simon. Now I have two requests:
a: Any chance of you taking and posting photos of Margate's new flood defences from the air ... just for the fun of it?

b: What light can you shed on the Gazette front page mention that "Dreamland Cinema has been sold in a cut price deal" - I think we should know more please.


Simon Moores said...


In regard to your first request, the Council has already asked me and I hope to do that with an overfly coming back from a job tomorrow if we have a good day.

In regards to #2 This is a mystery which nobody has (including our Transparent Council Leader) has shed any light on yet.. to be continued...!

William Epps said...

Simon, having campaigned in the 2010 election as an activcist in Thanet South, I recall the issues that were highlighted in the couple of years running up to that. The Human Rights Act to be replaced by a British Bill of Rights, Immigration Control, EU relationship, reducing numbers of MPs and a Strategic Defence review. On the latter we even condemned Labour for the cuts in our armed services.

Since 2010 nothing much has changed on all those issues, but our armed services have been decimated, sometimes cruelly on the individuals, to unacceptably low levels. Is it any surprise then that voters, activists and even staunch Tory politicians of many years standing have abandoned ship, not that we actually have many of those left to abandon. Add Equal Marriage, not even particularly wanted by most of the LGBT community outside of a couple of local councillors, and you complete the recipe for disaster.

Time now to become proper Conservatives, get on with the real issues and, sensibly, talk to UKIP instead of insulting them with closet racist remarks. Leave that kind of language to the left and diversity champions.

Labour has not done well for a mid term local election, the gap in percentage vote is narrow, so there is all to play. It will only happen though if David Cameron either learns how to be a Conservative or stands aside for some who is.

Michael Child said...

Look forward to the birds eye view Simon. I checked the cinema business with the land registry and the council and the answer appears to be that Margate Regeneration Company still own it and as it is subject to the cpo TDC will soon own it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you're complaining about Simon, at least two of the winners are former colleagues of yours!

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how many of our local economic migrants voted in this election,if indeed they were entitled to do so, and if so did they vote UKIP?


On a more serious note I just hope that Cameron sees the writing on the wall and gets our position as to EU membership, uncontrolled immigration and social security entitlement of benefit tourists. Otherwise we could see UKIP winning many consituencies next General Election.Could easily be ByeBye Sir Roger Gale and Laura Sandys.

Kieron Mendez said...

Interesting blog - I moved away from Thatnet last year having born and raised there for 28 years. Still very interested in what's going on and the UKIP result has surprised me.

Do you know - are these elected councillers from the Thanet area?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Thanet North Tories will have the clear out that they need.

Simon Moores said...

Yes these are elected Councillor from Thanet 5:42

4:23.. Exactly!

Anonymous said...

Admit it Simon, you're at least partly tempted to join them yourself.

Anonymous said...

uniting blue-collar workers and well-pensioned colonels together - that was Maggie's winning formula too Simon.

Anonymous said...

My problem in the past few years with voting for and even more with being associated with UKIP is the possibly somewhat dubious history of many of their leading lights, having come from what many people might call an extremist, racist and ultra right wing background by their previous allegiance to BNP or other similar groups.
Now if this changes so that more moderate members are involved and the party becomes more acceptable and mainstream it is entirely likely that more of us will join or vote for them.
There is obviously in Thanet and other areas where UKIP have had great recent success much resentment against the economic migrants who have swamped the area and radically changed but brought nothing good to our previously more comfortable British culture.
I still have lurking doubts that to support UKIP might make me a fascist in all but name. And they haven't done well longterm if you look back at history.
So I took the coward's way out this week and did not vote at all. I didn't feel I could vote for the ineffective mainstream parties and couldn't bring myself to vote for whom my gut instinct told me I should.