Thursday, May 23, 2013

Support Help For Heroes

Millions of people will have been both shocked and appalled at the events that unfolded outside the Woolwich Barracks yesterday and words can't suitably frame the emotions of many.

From what I can see, the Help For Heroes website collapsed under the strain, not long after, as the public attempted to show solidarity through buying t-shirts and making donations. It was available briefly earlier this morning and I managed to make my own small donation and order a shirt to express my sense of solidarity with the men and woman of our  armed forces in the face of the atrocity that took place on the streets of London yesterday.

The direct link to the Help For Heroes shop is here. Good luck, as it is fading in an our of availability.

There's a suggestion today that the two visibly crazed individuals involved were radicalised through reading Al Qaeda material like the "Inspire" magazine opposite. Once again however and in the footsteps of 7/7 and a number of other foiled terror attempts, the threat of bloody violence stalks our streets and we still remain helpless to deport the likes of Abu Qatada and many other dangerous individuals, posing a threat to the public or our national security, held in our prisons. With luck, Qatada will be gone in a month, if the Jordanian Government ratifies a new law but I'm reminded that one of our local independent Councillors thinks he's a victim of discrimination.

I'm sure that like me, readers will approve that the police reportedly did not take any chances when they arrived on scene yesterday and shot both men on the spot. This is, I'm sure, a politically incorrect opinion but I believe the great British public are becoming heartily sick of the subject and its consequences.

Perhaps the grim events of yesterday afternoon in all its horror will serve as a wake-up call of sorts but I'm unconvinced by the feeble platitudes of our politicians. I'm  sure you will all join me in offering my deepest sympathy to the family of the soldier involved in this awful crime.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Tony Blair involving us in illegal American wars we'd only be worrying about the Irish (and they're mostly peaceful chaps these days).

John Holyer said...


As you know, the useful idiots will scream discrimination and seek out the media to tell us all about it. But the public should be reassured by the knowledge that there are dedicated, skilful and brilliant minds working constantly to counter this obscene islamist terror. They have foiled many attacks.

John Hamilton - talking sense and cutting through bullshit said...

"I'm sure that like me, readers will approve that the police reportedly did not take any chances when they arrived on scene yesterday and shot both men on the spot. This is, I'm sure, a politically incorrect opinion but I believe the great British public are becoming heartily sick of the subject and its consequences"

I congratulate the police, who arriving at the scene of the most medievil barbourism, and being immediately attacked, acted totally correctly and with the professionalism that we have come to expect from the British police!

I hope those responsible are made to pay for their actions in an equally medievil manner, and those supporting them, or teh likes of Quatada are dealt with equally as harshly!

Well said Mr Holyer, couldn't agree more!

Tony Ovenden said...


That is very well put, I like that

Anonymous said...

Given that a thief in arab countries would have his hand cut off, how should these murderers and sharia law advocates be treated?

John Holyer said...

They were seeking martyrdom in order to go to heaven to be greeted by 72 virgins as a reward. Therefore, I suggest that they be kept in prison for the rest of their lives, no parole and no virgins.

Anonymous said...

For all those that want to see Guantanamo closed, don't you think this would be an ideal place to put these monsters ? I sincerely hope both of them survive their wounds and stand trial. The only way to deal with people like this is to lock them up for at least 30 years. This should be possible as they are a danger to all civilised society. You can't do anything else to punish them as they are not afraid to die. Like deranged kamikaze pilots of World War II, they welcome martyrdom. They can remain in Belmarsh and rot. We do not have the death penalty and I am thankful for that in this case. It is disturbing that they sought 'death by police guns' - knowing that they were going to their own form of paradise. It is interesting also that the Koran states that non-believers are infidels and it is the duty of all believers to kill the infidel. Yes, we would like to see Sharia justice here, but in reality, we have to deal with this within the constraints of British Justice and it is no good wishing some form of medieval torture on these people. Lock the up for a very long time and send a clear message to all terrorists that you will forfeit your freedom, hopefully permanently. You cannot stop madmen and extremists, but you can subject them to a regime that takes away the freedom they have denied their victim. Incidentally, I speak as a Muslim.

Tim Clark said...

For once I found myself agreeing with John Hamilton; well nearly anyway. His penultimate paragraph cannot be right; they want martyrdom and publicity and if we were to resort to their level of medieval violence then that is what they would get. We have to show people of violence that, no matter how much they try and force us to react in kind, we will always resort to our own justice system and hence not let them win. I suspect that if we had quietly hunted down al Qaida after 9/11 except of making it a war on terrorism then the whole Islamist extremist movement would have faded away by now.

Anonymous said...

Further to my comment (1.53pm) I meant that in this instance Sharia Law could apply, I did not mean we should have Sharia Law in England. I also failed to mention that my Nephew is a serving soldier based in Herefordshire.

Anonymous said...

So what is the difference. These idiots murder a soldier and it's terrorism, and hopefully life. But I suppose the guy just arrested for killing soldiers in the Hyde Park atrocity will be imprisoned and immediately released as he will have been an Irish freedom fighter!! Why can't we charge them all with treason!!!!!

William Epps said...

The inescapable conclusion here is that this soldier, quietly going about his life close to his barracks, and his little, now fatherless, son are both victims of the multi cultural experiment which was thrust upon the British people.

Did any party ever have uncontrolled immigration in its mainfesto or seek to obtain the consent of the public to multi culturalism. No, as with gay marriage, they simply assume they know best and with no mandate do as they please.

Then we have the usual fine words about terrrorism will never succeed, but what about Ulster where convicted terrorist were released under the agreement. Where the Loyalist population in general and the RUC in particular were sold down the river. Why, we cannot even throw out aliens who preach hatred against out state.

Until we replace the smooth talking politicians with the fine soundbites with ones who actually have some balls, these kind of atrocities will continue to blight our lives. Time to get a grip, bin the European Human Rights legislation, take control of our country and throw out those that do not share our values. There are plenty of decent integrated immigrants who would applaud such a stance even if Polly might wet her knickers in dismay.

John Holyer said...

I grew up in age when the UK had political control in the Middle East having created many of the states there. Which included Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Iraq, Iran and more. I have my opinions on the rights and wrongs of this fact of history, and I will not argue it here. Suffice to say that under British hegemony the world - especially UK - was a much safer place.

We handed over to the Americans and you can make of that what you will.

Richard said...

After 9.11 the MI5 and Met Police inquiries gave a press release. They published the name Mark Yates wanted for questioning on suspicion of training Al Quedda at English gun ranges.

Amongst the evidence, I gave retired Det Ch Supt Biddiss a year or so ago, was correspondence between a man called Tombs and a man called Shortt dated 1996 and mentioning Mark Yates.

Mr Biddiss chose to send this on to Kent Police Pro Standards.

You and Cllr Hayton know full well that a Ramsgate man saw unidentified Middle Easterners being drilled at the 6th Thanet Gun Range.

You may also know that in 2009 a corroborative witness was identified to Kent Police who they refused to interview.

What are your grounds for assuming that the events at 6th Thanet Gun range have nothing to do with the terrorism you claim to abhor ?

Buying a tee shirt is so much easier.