Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Big Day in Small Politics

Margate Harbour (c) Airads
Nice to see one of my aerial photos of Margate from the weekend on BBC's South-east news story on the town's new flood defences this morning. (see this excellent summary) I'm pleased to say they asked for permission too.

Another big day on the local election stage, once again, as Sandy Ezekiel's seat on Thanet Council is being fought. Labour have deployed a small army of activists in a desperate attempt to stall UKIP's advance and as a Conservative, I can only wait and see whether a week has been a long enough time in politics for local people to consider the wisdom of playing the protest vote against national issues in a local election. Curious to see our Cllr. Will Scobie pop-up on local TV, claiming that immigration is not the central problem but the minimum wage. Clutching his well-thumbed copy of 'Politics for Dummies,' young Will has been visibly brainwashed into delivering Orwellian 'Mili-speak' by the very same people who gave us the vexing national problem that so many people in Margate feel angry about. I recommend he revisits Karl Marx for his views on the subject, which make complete sense to many these days.

Required Reading for Aspiring Politicians
Not long now until the big Manston South-east Airshow on 22nd June and I hear ticket sales are going well and that there's a Groupon offer on these this week. I'm doing a small turn but people will be waiting to see the Vulcan, the Eurofighter Typhoon, Fokker Triplane and the B17 among many others for a great days out of displays and ground events.

For the aviation enthusiasts among my readers, you'll be delighted to know that in the United States, a Mosquito is flying for the first time in many years and below, is the video of its maiden flight. One of our Broadstairs residents and my father's best friend was one of the top Pathfinder pilot's in WWII and so I used to hear his amazing stories when I was a boy.

Finally, I'm looking for a volunteer who would like to propose to his partner in front of millions on national TV? The BBC's One Show are planning a couple of projects with me this summer and this is one of them.

Of course, it involves an aircraft and a romantic beauty spot and is a once in a lifetime opportunity but I would love to be able to help promote Thanet this summer, by filming it here if possible.

So far the 'proposers' on my books for the coming weeks are reluctant to pop-the-question on TV but perhaps there's someone living in Thanet who's made of sterner stuff?


Anonymous said...

I've heard that a certain JW is thinking of tieing the knot, maybe he'll volunteer?

Anonymous said...

John Redwood made a very good point about the minimum wage after an intervention from Wayne Davey in the Queen's speech debate. He said it was not enough and had to be topped up by benefits. His speech can be seen at about 1hr 40 minutes into the debate on iPlayer.

Perhaps the boy ex mayor could propose to his ex mayoress on the new sea defences.

Simon Moores said...

The problem remains one of practical equilibrium in the prevailing capitalist economy between wages and the workforce reservoir. It's a tension understood by Kark Marx.

Anonymous said...

What's the betting JW wikl hoin UKIP now!

John Holyer said...

Yesterday on TV I saw Will Scobie for the first time. Apparently he is only 23. But he looks to be in his late 30s. What a waste of one's youth being groomed to be a professional politician, with no experience of the outside world. A world that he will be compelled to view through the blinkered vision of tribal politics. There is much out there that he will never know or experience, including many good things.

In the words of the Rod Stewart song, "Youth's a mask and it don't last/so live it long and live it fast". Still, if Will is happy with his lot then so be it.