Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Consulting the Oracle

The Legendary Oracle of St Mildred's Bay
A quick visit to the Manston Road, KCC refuse centre this morning and I overhear two people talking about Pleasurama and the last Council meeting. From the sound of it, Cllr Driver's vigorous disinformation campaign is working well, as quite clearly, the 'Truth,' whatever this elusive commodity might be, is being hidden from the good people of Ramsgate, from dysfunctional and arguably dodgy Councillors like me, with no more right to breathe God's clean air than a weasel!

Which of course, brings us neatly to the subject of the week's County Council elections, only forty-eight hours away now.

If you believe even part of the election literature flying around, then Westgate's library is to be closed at least twice, the fire station closed altogether and huge fees imposed on anyone, without restriction, who visits the Minnis Bay Day Centre.

Some readers may have noticed that Labour have been shipping a small army of 'activists' to Thanet, from as far away as south London - looking at their 'Tweets' - as part of a concerted effort to try and find the former Mayor of Margate, as of yesterday evening, a new taxpayer-funded job on the slippery ladder of socialist politics to further his post-university career. 'Any job' may do in fact, other than one which actually involves working for a living in the more conventional sense, like you and I and all inside a single term as a district Councillor.

In Birchington, UKIP's manifesto, which recommends regular vigorous exercise for young men and 'birching', as a suitable sanction for failing to wear a shirt in Station Road, has been welcomed by many, as has the suggestion, that the parish council introduce Sharia law on Fridays. What may soon be the former site of Brills, on the mini-roundabout may be turned into a CCTV-equipped pillbox, should the party succeed in attracting enough votes to send its candidate to County Hall.

The LibDems have gone awfully quiet since my last blog entry, as have the Green Party who are strongly opposed to the hoverport in Pegwell Bay. So I very much expect Thursday to be a three horse race between the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP. As I've written before, voters should be very wary of what they wish for, as exercising any form of 'Protest' vote is likely to achieve the very opposite of what they might want in results that may impact their lives over the next four years.

I think that many of us may agree that the political scene in this country is now starting to polarise, with the socialists, prepared it seems to promise anything, remaining in denial over the state of the nation's finances and prospects and shifting to the left and Conservatism showing signs of lurching to the right, as represented by UKIP and the debate over Europe and immigration. Where this will leave the people of Kent on Friday morning remains to be seen but I suspect the outcome may leave ordinary people worse-off and buried in a pile of soon to be broken promises. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

A good summary and fair prediction. Whilst agreeing that the only place really for most of us to protest is the ballot box, especially where politicians seem out of touch, it is often counter productive.

As a voter I am unimpressed with Cameron's performance and terrified at the prospect of that of Milliband and Balls in harness, but locally maybe individual qualities over party come more into play. Sadly though, I think one of two good serving councillors will pay the price for central failings.

Considering it is election time, with I thought some restrictions on candidates, interested to see Matt Brown publishing opponents attendance records. Elsewhere, Michael, usually promoting Labour's cause behind a pretence of neutrality, seems to have been swamped by someone called Solo Gays who makes as many comments on thanetonline as all the other punters put together.

Really interesting time and I do not think the pendulum has stopped swinging.

Bing Crosby said...

And Tom King is being backed by Labour to split the vote even further.
He should say he's Labour, always has been and have done with it.

Don't believe it?
Look up his voting record at the council.

Anonymous said...

Better idea Bing why don't you send Tom King's voting record to this site so cllr Moores can stab him in the front instead of the back?