Friday, April 12, 2013

Conservation of a Kind

I Wish..!
I was very pleased to see the Thanet Gazette's coverage of last week's demonstration against Tesco in Westgate, in the pages of the newspaper this morning. We now have an updated 'Alternative' conservation report to study and you can read it here.

If you do plan to come to next week's meeting of the Council's planning committee on Wednesday at Cecil Square, to see the outcome of the application for yourself, then do arrive early as I'm sure there will not be enough places when the meeting starts at 7pm

It's interesting for me to see the rapid growth in this weblog's readership in the last month. People clearly have strong opinions and they are prepared to share them, both for and against the application. This morning, I collected another shopping bag full of letters and petition signatures to deliver to the Council and the community's involvement to date has been no less than remarkable.

Listening to the weather forecast for this weekend, I hear we are promised a first real taste of spring, with temperatures possibly reaching 20 Celsius which would be nice at last. I'm booked on Sunday to fly a display at Silverstone to celebrate Aston's Martin's 100th birthday and the FIA World Endurance Championship but while the weather looks warm, there's a real chance of a gale that might cause me a real problem and the thousands of runners in this year's Brighton Marathon as well.

The competition for the County Council elections is well underway and I notice that both Nigel Farage and Ed Miliband have been busy here in Kent, drumming-up support for their candidates. I will confess that I am somewhat perplexed by the divided loyalties and previous affiliations of several of the UKIP candidates here in Thanet but remain curious as to how the public will view their promises on election day.

I am assuming though, that true to previous form, the Labour candidates will be making promises that they are quite unable to keep or that lie completely outside the relatively modest remit of a County Councillor. I recall that at the last by-election, here in Westgate, I came across vulnerable people, who believed the doorstep message, that a vote for Labour in Westgate would somehow lead to a magic reversal in their benefits cuts. On a personal note, I have nothing but utter disdain for that level of political exploitation from anyone, of any party but I fear it will be repeated, along perhaps with some of the 'barmier' promises that UKIP were offering a year ago:

'UKIP: "Will cut ICT and computer equipment and re-open all the museums, Margate Caves and the Shell Grotto that have been closed by the previous councils. Open-up the old Second World War air raid shelters in Ramsgate with tours and exhibits from the wars.'

Without a doubt, a Party with its finger on the pulse of local priorities!

I suspect the outcome of what local people want and what local people will actually get after May 2nd, may be two very different things.


Chuck Collins said...

Absolutely Simon. What I want are diligent, pro-active representatives who will never accept 'defer until the 12th of never' as a solution. What I will get, of course, will be next year's inmate intake for the open prisons on Sheppey. Such a shame that local politics have descended to this level in Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Approving of the Gazette, the support of Louise Oldfield... you're not shifting to the left are you Simon?

Tony Ovenden said...

That is a bit old hat regarding Museums. The way forward is trusts and volunteer groups to reopen and run museums.