Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boat Trips?

Yesterday, I wrote about our Liberal Democrat candidates, standing in County Elections and today, I'm reading through some of the policy statements in Friday's Thanet Gazette, from the fringe political parties, keen to make their case for next month's County Council elections. I rather wonder if I've picked up a Blackadder script by mistake?

"Thanet appears to be very crowded with many people who have come to Margate from other areas and countries." (UKIP)

Now, as the line between UKIP and the National Front in Thanet is reportedly blurred, one is really tempted to read between the lines.

"Can we not consider re-instating boat trips to and from London?" (UKIP)

I think the paddle steamers from Greenwich stopped operating before the First World War but UKIP fails to have noticed that the pier at Margate, where they all berthed, is no longer there? Happy memories for some of the older candidates though I'm sure!

The Old Margate Pier
"The seafront should be more inviting with a new Dreamland with a part closed area or roof." (UKIP)

Nice idea of course and the money to build this Wimbledon-like roof will come from where exactly?

UKIP may have been inhaling rather too much of the smoke from our popular home-grown plants but the Green Party appear to have been making it into cakes as well. The Greens endorse Thanet as a 'Green Isle' with a long policy statement that looks as if were written with blanks for 'Insert name of district here,' rather than anything that might vaguely be considered meaningful to voters. The Green Party is however dedicated to "making sure that cycling and public transport are prioritised," so on your bikes everyone!

The Independents, that's Ian Driver and Tom King really haven't that much to say and in Tom's case absolutely nothing other than standing behind a table in Westgate's Station Road this morning.

Ian Driver is predictable, demanding the termination of the  Pleasurama development in Ramsgate, that Kent leaves the EU and that Ramsgate Town Council be replaced. Nothing this time on his views on the liberalisation of drugs. I'm sure he will attract lots of votes for the sake of mischief making at County Hall if nothing more.

Yesterday, I watched Labour's latest Party Political broadcast and that too seemed like a Blackadder pastiche of the industrial revolution, taking us back to the events before the Luddite mill riots of 1812.

Ed Miliband gazed nostalgically into space, flaring his nostrils and making promises that he knows he simply can't keep, when the time finally comes to reveal what Labour would actually do to deal with the national debt and the deficit, after the next General Election without having to broadly parallel what the coalition is doing today.

As an example, while concentrating on damning the tax cut for "Millionaires," (Labour's own idea) he ignores the fact that 2.7 million working people have now been lifted out of income tax altogether and that the wealthiest in society will pay a bigger proportion of our nation’s taxes in every year of the present Government than in any year under the previous Labour government. That's with 10% of the working population now contributing 68% of all income tax.

Economic policy in these days of austerity represents the interpretation of the ideas of Keynes, Friedman or Hayek, depending on one's intellectual loyalties. It was the Keynsian view of intervention, which flooded the economy with money - quantitative easing - after the financial crash of 2008, while Hayek had a very different. 'hands off' argument on how to re-balance the engine of the global economy following a crash.

When Cllr Poole stands up to give his regular lecture on "Millionaires" and "Greedy bankers" in Thanet District Council's Chamber, it represents the intellectual equivalent of counting beans and proves absolutely nothing.

So for reader's benefit and possible interest, I have embedded the BBC 'Masters of Money' programme on the work of Hayek and you can follow this to the programme on Marx and Keynes as well if you wish.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should add that Matt Brown is going to personally ensure that all dogs mess in Thanet is cleared up, and presumably Tony Flaig is going to reopen all the public loos (except the unisex ones).

Anonymous said...

..... Or you choose the Tory party. Nasty party. No such thing a society party. Ex local council leader is a crook party. Party members wishing others would die of aids party. Panama party.

You see, I'm not particularly fond of any party, but individuals, independant of any baggage that is not their own, are getting more and more attractive as the parties who either got us into this mess or the ones failing miserably to get us out of it ( see Moody's, Fitch, IMF for confirmation) have nothing to offer.

Anonymous said...

Tony can hardly lose after his high profile online election campaign.

Simon Moores said...

Up early again 6:14 I see. Medication worn off has it?

Anonymous said...

over on Thanet record its claimed that you supported retail developement in 2008 for the station road site that Tescos want. then surely your not the saviour you would like people to believe you are,is this just another example of two faced politics?

Simon Moores said...

I really would not believe everything you read...!

It's really time you gave up trying to spread this particular rumour, when you consider that I was never a member of Thanet Council's planning committee. All rather sad...!

Simon Moores said...

Unfortunately, I have had to delete the next comment as one cannot call local developers 'Liars' here.

The present state of play is that Tesco has been refused and the people of Westgate appear content with the decision. I'm afraid that one person at least will have to get over the decision and stop posting abuse here!

Darren Ellis said...

Hi Simon,
I've been directed to these comments on your site!
I believe we need an open discussion in the very near future.
The planning officers notes at the time of original application will certainly help iron out this issue.
I hope you will then recall the true facts!Whilst I don't won't to cause embarrassment to anyone, it is fact the truth has been hidden and twisted.
I can fully accept a refusal, it's part of life! It's the lie's that I can't handle.
I've mailed you twice offering meetings, and both times you've declined.
As a local resident and someone who always assists the community where possible I really don't apprechiate being called a liar by one of your bloggers either.
Darren Ellis

Simon Moores said...


If you have asked to meet with me, I've clearly missed the correspondence as I have no problem with such. best thing is pick up the phone or send a formal request to my Councillor email address rather then the weblog as such things can get lost.

I'm afraid a blog is frequently a source of comment and much of it can be critical. I do try and moderate language which is inappropriate or defamatory and so if you can point me to where you see a statement which is untrue, I will immediately try and remedy it.

Local people have objected, en masse, to a Tesco Express and not to the retail units originally proposed. What 'The truth" may be is broadly irrelevant as it's a planning issue and judged materially as such by the planning committee in regard to the building and the conservation status of the town and not the history of the application..

Simon Moores said...

Before I forget, You were at liberty to ask any of the other two ward councillors, Jodie or Tom, to represent you and as Tom King appeared supportive of the application, I was surprised that he did not speak for you.