Monday, March 25, 2013

On the Edge

Photo Copyright Jim Bennett
Today's ride over to St Margaret's Bay revealed the morning after the night before, in the shape of a very impressive cliff fall indeed. If I owned one of the homes close to the iconic white cliffs edge, I would be rather worried at nature's steady march inland.

It is without doubt bitterly cold outside and I'm struggling to remember an Easter with the temperature this low. I did notice the spring lambs appearing and this must be a desperately challenging time for the farmers, given the extreme cold weather, with so much of the land between here and Dover, with small lakes of standing water visible in the fields

The Tesco battle continues with a meeting of a small group of the objectors tomorrow evening, at Ted Wolf's home, to plan the next stage in their strategy. I have been invited to attend.

Public opinion and all comments on this subject are welcome, both for and against the development and I will answer questions where I can.

Photo Copyright Jim Bennett
On a final note, the danger of  'Exemplary damages' that will follow in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry, will or should concentrate the minds of any and all of our local bloggers, who have a following large enough to argue that they are a publisher. There's enough to suggest that several of our more excitable and vitriolic bloggers need to watch what they write in future with very great care indeed. I certainly will be very cautious in future and this of course extends to the comments left against some of the stories as the legal waters look very muddy indeed.


Anonymous said...


Please remember that there are a number of Westgate residents who support TESCO and also have a vote Locally!!!

Simon Moores said...

I'm sure they do but so far less than 10 people have expressed their support to me and I have been asked to lead the objection as a local councillor.

It could easily have been the other way around!

God Fearing Christian said...

Simon, I believe that Leveson is more about clamping down on free speech, in anticipation of widespread exposure of the rampant corruption in the governance of this country, than it is about vitriolic blog postings.

Here is an example of the kind of news that Leveson is designed to prevent:

Please spread this link far and wide if you love your country.