Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Margate March

I had a meeting at the Council offices this afternoon and on what seemed like the first day of spring, I took my camera along with me to catch whatever came way in terms of images to capture a sense of Margate on an unusually sunny March day.

You can view my little cameo here. With only a small camera, I was very much the street photographer as I find using a big SLR with a long lens obtrusive and sometimes a little intimidating for the subjects.

Walking along the promenade, I found myself having to intervene to help a young girl whose two dogs on the lead had caught the attention of an out of control large Staffordshire and had a polite but firm argument with its owner, who saw nothing wrong with his dog scaring the poor girl as it went for one of her dogs. "I know about dogs" he told me, as if I should be impressed!

There was a larger and even more dangerous-looking banned breed candidate I saw go for another dog on the beach at Westbrook and it strikes me, simply from my own observation, walking back and forth to Margate, that not only do we have a chronic dog-fouling problem, between the Westbrook cafe and the Nayland Rock but that at times, there appear to be rather too many aggressive Staffordshire types roaming the area with totally irresponsible owners.

On a far more pleasant note, this evening, over at Westgate's St Saviour's Church. it's the licensing of the Reverend Barbara Way by the Right Reverend Trevor Wilmott, Bishop in Canterbury and Bishop of Dover and I will be attending in my role as a ward councillor for the town.

If you missed my Twitter feed on the sidebar where I try and keep readers up to date with local news, Westgate residents please note that the temporary number for the doctor's surgery is 03000 426426 until the phone fault is repaired.

Also, if you happen to be a keen tennis player and were disappointed to find the courts at St Mildred Bay closed in the last week, it's because the lines were being repainted. They should be back in action for the weekend. I'm told we need £10,000 to replace the fencing which is in a very poor condition. That's a very big challenge in the present financial climate.

You may have also noticed that the planning permission for the new Westgate Cricket Club pavillion, to replace the one burned down last year, has been granted, so with luck it will all be completed in time for the coming season.


Anonymous said...

ECR's missing post.

Simon Moores said...

What is rather curious is how the police appear to be sharing their alleged 'wide-ranging investigations' with ECR and Lord Matt while nobody else appears to be aware of anything beyond the court's judgement on a single case last week

Anonymous said...

Come on Simon, they're hardly going to share investigations into TDC Tory cllrs with a TDC Tory cllr, are they?

Simon Moores said...

That's not what I wrote. They are even less likely to share any further inquiries with the political fringes of our local bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Well Matt clearly gets all of his "information" from the local press and other blogs; ECR on the other hand almost certainly CAN help the police with their enquiries.