Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where's the Beef?

I watched the chief executive of the Iceland supermarket having a 'Gerald Ratner' moment on the BBC's Andrew Marr show this morning. When asked about testing for horse meat in his prepared meals, he blamed local authorities for driving down the costs and quipped that his company 'Doesn't test for hedgehog either.'

It wasn't an interview to inspire confidence, 'any' confidence in him or his business, I'm sorry to say and the other, larger supermarket chains were sensible to stay well away from the dangers of such an interview on a sensitive subject provoking deep public concern.

The Conservative, Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) was also on the Andrew Marr Show, answering questions about the possible size of Romanian and Bulgarian migration at the end of this year. He remarked, that it was 'Absolutely pointless' to try and estimate the numbers, which has to be rather worrying to those areas of the country and local authorities, most likely to have the burden placed upon them.

IDS also commented that the policy of having to pay child benefit to the families of migrants, living abroad, was 'Absolutely crackers,' but that we were stuck with it under EU law. Something he added that it was up to David Cameron to try and re-negotiate. That would be sooner rather than later, I'm sure millions of frustrated, hard-working Britains, may hope.

Re-hab Urgently Required
Like many observers, I'm disappointed that the Labour candidate for the forthcoming Eastleigh by-election, has rather unorthodox views, which included his regret that Margaret Thatcher 'Wasn't murdered by the IRA in the Brighton bombing' and that he 'regrets we won the Falklands war.'Labour's justice secretary, Sadik Khan, describes this as his off-the-wall 'sense of humour' but I suspect he's been learning from the equally outrageous political 'humour' of `Cllr Ian Driver, here in Thanet.

My daughter's Chinchilla, pictured opposite, is now so depressed by the horse meat scandal and the political hyperbole flying around our island, he's now on tranquillisers. Fond of bling, experiencing delusions of being a small hat and worried about being turned into a pre-packaged Iceland lasagne, he's is in danger supporting the LibDem's latest plan to tax jewellery.

Several years ago, Thanet possibly had more blogs per square foot than any other spot in the country. Then, many of them them ran out of steam, either became bored with self indulgence, were cautioned, sectioned or simply intimidated out of existence.

Most recently, we are seeing another local blogging renaissance, with several new figures motivated to comment about Thanet, mostly because of the political atmosphere and partisan feelings over local developments and the environment. I see that councillors Nicholson and Johnston, have now been 'fingered' as playing an instrumental role in the original negotiations under their administration, that have led to the helpless-looking debacle that now surrounds the Royal Sands development in Ramsgate. I have added a couple more of these to the sidebar , so that readers can catch-up on the strength and direction of local opinion, good, bad, indifferent and occasionally a little crazy too!


Anonymous said...

I hope David Cameron pulls his finger out regarding the Europe renegotiation's. If he doesn't find some way of locking the door by the end of the year, the Conservative Party is toast.

Anonymous said...

I asked my local chippy if they put SeaHorse in their fishcakes, he said "No" without a chuckle or smile or anything.

John Holyer said...

I expect that your chippy has heard it all before. In the same way that it is wise not to mention Tony Hancock to the blood takers at Newington Clinic.