Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Day of Days

Abandoned Jet Trainer at Manston Airport
Today's the day of the big gay marriage debate in Parliament. I can't help but think, that political dialogue and intelligent debate on this important issue, is not in any way aided by partisan members of our own local council, sending out inflammatory and offensive messages on Twitter, aimed at one or both of our Thanet MPs.

This is a matter of conscience for Parliament to debate and not, as we witnessed last year, a soap-box opportunity to bring the business of our own council to a halt, by adding the subject to the agenda, on an evening where sensible argument was displaced by abuse and reason by rage. This evening, we should see an end to a matter which distracts from the real business of Government and we must be satisfied with the proper democratic outcome, whether we might agree with it or not.

Mad Dogs Collected in Westgate
Today is also "Safer Internet Day"  - have a look - and I wasn't exactly delighted to be woken-up by the BBC before 7am to give a radio interview on the subject. In my own view a safer internet is more of an oxymoron than it ever was, because, quite frankly, Government and the security industry has run out of answers. We all run anti-virus software but many of the more severe 'zero-day' threats can now avoid the PC's immune system and perhaps the only slim comfort, is that the bad guys and evil governments out there, are now very focused on their targets and much less interested in planting viruses on the man in the street. Of course it still happens, which is why we need AV software, up-to-date but the world and with it, the threat, has changed since I first chaired the international ecrime congress, eleven years ago.

Big Red Stearman
As a small example of safer use of the internet, lets look at two keyword searches on this weblog this week, both of which appeared more than twice. The first is "Brothels in Thanet" and the second. "Sex massage in Thanet." Put these terms in a search engine and it is almost guaranteed to give you a list of websites of which more than one might hold a nasty surprise, an STD if you like, should you visit the page, in the form of hidden code, which hopefully your AV software should spot and stop. The moral of the story is of course that nasty websites frequently hold nasty surprises and that's very true of many of the more sordid-looking weblogs too, so be warned.

On to some local news quickly, before I forget. I spoke to the Council about the planning permission required for the new cricket club building in Westgate. This is more of a formality for a new structure on KCC land and I don't forsee any immediate problems. I've asked the officer to contact me if anything comes-up but I expect it to go through with a nod.

TG Aviation at Manston have a new website with useful information and so if you fancy a trial lesson in the Big Red Stearman biplane or something a little smaller, a gift voucher for someonespecial for Valentine's Day perhaps, give them a call on 01843 823520.

The WhyNot micropub in  Westgate's Lymington Road, has a quiz night this Friday from 6-8pm,, with an Indian and Chinese food buffet. It's all in aid of charity and the entry price is £2.00.

Looking at the visit counter on the sidebar, I can see that ThanetLife has increased its monthly reach and so I'm always happy to consider passing on any interesting local business news and offers, as the more common complaint I hear, is that advertising in the local paper achieves very little these days.

By request, I've embedded the flyer for the next Frock-a-licious fashion show in April, so there's a date for your diary ladies... and gentlemen too of course in case our council diversity champion is watching!


Anonymous said...

Doubtless the Rainbow Worrower (sic), and his erstwhile friend the spell checker, will be avidly following the debate.

John Holyer said...

It's always those who preach 'diversity and equality' loudest who are the most vindictive and intolerant bigots imaginable.

Anonymous said...

Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

Legislate in haste.......

Anonymous said...

All creatures are equal but bigots are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

A very impassioned debate. Nearly every speaker is opposed to the bill. It transpires that many MPs have received accusations of homophobia via twitter etc. It is good to hear that these accusations are treated with the contempt they deserve. Spell checkers please note.

Anonymous said...

WE WON!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Re Anon at 1:06.

Who is we, and what did you win?

If you are a lawyer then you almost certainly won because however the law is crafted there will be many reasons to challenge it at the European court of Human Rights and thus hefty fees for lawyers.

Doubtless the diversity champions will be rejoicing at the removal of this particular diversity.

How can an equality champion also be a diversity champion, surely an oxymoron?

Anonymous said...

1:06 You are a sad person

John Holyer said...

I repeat: It's always those who preach 'diversity and equality' loudest who are the most vindictive and intolerant bigots imaginable