Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick Time

iPad Mini with Air Nav Pro
It's quite fascinating how quickly technology moves on. I now have an iPad mini mounted on the pilot's control column of my aircraft and a larger iPad 3.0 on the co-pilot side. Both adding extra navigation-related, 'bells and whistles', moving maps, live weather, email, Twitter and a variety of different charts and airfield approach plates at the touch of a finger.

One further advantage is that I can control the aircraft's two external video cameras from either iPad, with the GoPro wireless app, so it's all becoming a bit hi-tech in there at times.

Sunset 19th February 2013
Next week, I've two aircraft booked-up to film the next installment of a well-known television advertisement. The production company have managed to choose the most awkward spot possible; a location on the M3, just at the edge of Blackbushe airport and if the weather stays good enough to get in the air, the filming looks set to be a nightmare to choreograph. I plan to film some of the 'Out-takes' from my own cameras and will share these here if the results are promising.

Just for a brief moment there, I avoided local politics but I will comment I was sorry to hear that the 'Great Wall of Ramsgate' had been vandalised. Try as he might, I don't believe that Cllr Ian Driver can avoid at least part of the blame here on the simple argument of incitement. It really is time that he and his former TIG colleague, Cllr John Worrow, both with a flair for amateur dramatics, became a little less generous and outspoken on whatever opportunist topic or political bandwagon, catches their attention on an almost weekly basis

Meanwhile, once the fog had disappeared this afternoon, there was a promise of spring in the air when I walked the dog down to the beach before sunset. Just over a month before the clocks go forward again and I can't wait until the beach huts start to reappear along the promenade after Easter, signalling the official start of the 2013 season.

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How did Ian Driver incite vandalism?