Saturday, February 09, 2013

Margate - Behind the Scenes

Credit to Luke at Thanet Waves for spotting these very 'retro', Wayne Hemingway advertisements, featuring Margate at it's finest or at the very least, most colourful!

HemingwayDesign for Hush Puppies SS13 - Margate / Behind The Scenes from Jack Hemingway on Vimeo.

Not much to add today after my very long account of Thursday's Council meeting but I did want to remind Westgate readers, that it's the monthly WWRA meeting on Monday evening and this will be at the Westbrook Bowls Club at 7pm.

I was going to pop-out and buy a fine Findus lasagne for dinner, an important part of my stable diet, but have now reconsidered. Watching the news of a food chain, that stretched from Romania, via a processing plant in Luxembourg and then on to the likes of Burger King, Aldi and Findus, I have to wonder what on earth the businesses involved were thinking. Why would anyone, with even a shred of intelligence, take anything labelled and certified in eastern Europe and in particular, Romania and Bulgaria,at face value without a little extra scrutiny, given the prevalence of corruption and organised crime that blights the accession states?

Rather like the missing EU billions that went into preparing several countries for membership of the European club, Brussels appears to naively accept self-certification of economies and indeed, minor details, like food standards as sufficient. In many ways,this is like Greece, which self certified its economy for a decade in order to receive generous EU grants and subsidies, in a manner which would send you or I to jail if we tried the same with the Inland Revenue.

Lastly, I read that a much loved icon of the BBC, Sir David Attenborough, has been roundly castigated by one of his academic colleagues and now, our local Diversity Champion, Cllr Worrow, for not giving equal coverage to gay and bi-sexual animals in his popular natural history programmes.

It has of course now been over ten years since Hollywood embraced the subject, with the two gay Giraffes, that Ollie Reed's character complained so bitterly about in a scene from the blockbuster movie, 'Gladiator.' I now expect a motion to be bought before Thanet Council by Cllr Ian Driver, seconded by Cllr John Worrow, that the famous broadcaster be summoned before the Council's Scrutiny Committee to give a full account of himself, much like the motion involving the new Kent Police commissioner, which fell on Thursday night.

Over thirty years ago, I had the pleasure of Sir David, coming to my university to give a lecture and I'm really quite surprised, that I didn't think of drawing this serious programming omission to his attention then! I expect Cllr Michelle Fenner to pass a properly outraged comment at a future meeting of the Council.


Anonymous said...

So Worrow has a go at Sir David but isn' t interested in a debate about domestic violence.
I suppose there aren't enough votes in it. After all, when you've had to escape an abusive relationship with nothing but your kids and the clothes on your back. Voting for anything isn't really a priority.

John Holyer said...

And it is not just about animals either, Simon, certainly not. It is plants to. I have Morning Glories in my garden that twist and entwine themselves with each other in a most loving way. What is his eminence the mighty John Worrow doing about them, I ask. The taxpayers of Thanet have the right to know. These gay plants cry out for a champion. Worrow is the man for this task. For only he is able to view and explain all of creation through the dialectic of sexual mores. Can I marry my Convolvulaceae

Anonymous said...

I remember as a child going to the chimpanzees' tea party in London Zoo when, to us childrens' disgust, one of the chimps stuck his digit up his rear, extracted something unpleasant and proceeded to eat it. Does that somehow make similar behaviour acceptable by humans at a dinner party?

I read the comments by Dr. Mills of East Anglia University, but fail to see the relevance of homosexual behaviour in animals to anything. Surely Sir David Attenborough is more about preserving species and protecting wildlife habitat and, whilst their reproduction activities have a bearing on that, their consenting chimps in private games do not.

Anonymous said...

Tom I too remember going to a chimps tae party it was interesting then as a boy, but now the TIG bunfight party in TDC Council meetings is a new must see form of entertainment.The lesser spotted Worrow and his running mate are an interesting spectacle

John Holyer said...


I know Bulgaria well and I recognise your assessment of the corruption which is endemic. It is worse than you describe. Much of the politics is in the thrall of crime. I suppose one could argue that this is also the case in UK from time to time. The difference being that in Bulgaria these criminals have guns and use them, frequently.

You may start a business which grows into profit. Then someone turns up and explains to you how you want to sell it to him. I am sure that in Bulgaria there would be several people wanting your aeroplane and not just for weddings. It truly is like the 'Godfather'. Racism and sexual prejudice is rife. Most Bulgarians abhor this situation; but a campaigning journalist or a diversity champion is more than likely to be shot for getting in the way.

The hapless Bulgarians know all this and refer to their country as the wild east. But what can they do about it? Speak out and you will probably be shot. They are conditioned to this way way of thinking which is redolent of the communist times. You will not fond many socialists in Eastern Europe. They know.

The average Bulgarian is highly educated, more so than in UK. They produce brillant mathematicians. But the corruption does not allow them to thrive in their own country and so they leave.

I spent 21 years of my life living and working abroad in various countries including communist states. Consequently, I am a convinced believer in first impressions. My first impression of Bulgaria was that I had never met people who were so keen and willing to help each other, for no reward. They also like the British and appeared to know much of our history. The UK has much goodwill in Bulgaria that we need to build upon. [no mr anonymouse I'm not advocating unlimited immigration].

John Holyer said...


I have read about apparent homosexuality in animals. I say apparent because when a dog mounts another dog of the same gender, or even your leg, it is about dominance. The mounter is showing the mountee just who is the ranking dog in the pack. It's all about power, in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, John, though I will not be mounting my fellow man any time soon. I leave power to those vying for it in the corridors of Cecil Street.