Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where's Worrow?

The BBC local lunchtime news reported today that the leader of the TIG independent group in Thanet, Cllr John Worrow, has resigned.;

"A Thanet District Councillor says he is standing down because of a homophobic hate campaign against him. John Worrow, the councils lead member for equalities, claims he has been the victim of, what he calls, a 'heterocentric' attitude towards him and that he cannot continue in his post".

Cllr Worrow declared "That's all folks' on Twitter after the broadcast.'

Although I've been told he has written an official letter of resignation as a councillor, as of 3:30pm, nothing has been handed in to the Chief Executive's office at Thanet District Council and this has to happen for it to be official, rather than hearsay.

I will keep reader's updated (Twitter @simonmoores on the sidebar)as I hear more but I see that already, the political parties are gearing up for a snap by-election.

Any such decision, would place Clive Hart's stumbling minority Labour administration in a very awkward position, as over the past twelve months, it has depended on TIG, Cllr's Worrow, Driver and Cohen, to keep it in power. With Cllr Driver quitting TIG this month, and Cllr Worrow deciding to give-up on local politics, that only leaves Cllr Jack Cohen to fly the rather unorthodox party flag on his own. This leaves Clive Hart staring at either a hung council, a return to opposition or potentially, Westgate's Cllr Tom King holding the balance of power in 2013.

Given Cllr Worrow's history of publicity stunts, it's as well to remain cautious as he could as easily 'un-resign' "My public needs me", as he could resign in front of the television cameras.

Update. Cllr Worrow has just announced on Twitter: "Just to make it clear I WILL be attending and speaking at the February full council meeting in Margate as a Thanet Councillor" which leads me to suspect that this may be yet another stunt to coincide with Ken Gregory being permitted to re-join the Conservative Group, following his period of suspension and subsequent anger-management counselling.

Cllr Worrow had previously filed a standards complaint with Thanet District Council involving comments left on his voicemail by Cllr Gregory but the standards committee subsequently rejected Cllr Worrow's complaint and ruled that Cllr Gregory had been acting in a private capacity at the time.


I'm not John Worrow said...

This is Kent says John Worrow has announced his INTENTION to resign in response to Ken Gregory returning to the Conservative party.

At the bottom of the article it says he wont be standing for re-election in 2015.

I think it means he is thinking about resigning, but hasn't done it yet.

Probably waiting for a retention offer from the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Thanet will breathe a sigh of relief if Worrow goes. But l agree with INJW , Worrow is probably waiting for Labour to beg him to stay and offer him the world........dream on Johnny boy!

Anonymous said...

This is a good day for Thanet and for Thanet Politics, everyone knew JW was a lightweight and could not stand the "heat in the kitchen" good riddance I hope Birchington South will now elect a Councillor who has their interests at heart.

James Maskell said...

Go, dont go, whatever. Just make it quick. There's a Council to be run and a Birchington South ward that needs a Councillor.

Anonymous said...

He really does seem to be an unstable character, obsessed with more or less a single issue and his own publicity. There is no room for such weakness and paranoia in any level of politics.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he had set his sights on being the next mayor? You really couldn't make this stuff up.

Simon Moores said...

Just before 6pm at the Council and Democratic Services have heard nothing about this

1 o'clock Rob said...

Good grief... talk about taking your ball home 'cos the big boys didn't pick you for their team first!

Cllr Worrow, hopefully soon to be ex Cllr Worrow, please do the decent thing and resign, the poor people of Birchington South who voted for a Conservative, got an Independant would be better served by a stuffed Zebra on display at Quex than you.

Anonymous said...

"Thats all folks" actually it is not!, however it is now time for Worrow to show the last shred of decency and complete the arrangements for his departure from Politics, for which he was never suited.Write your letter hand it in and let the good people of Birchington South be represented by someone they actually voted for in the Political colour of their choosing.
You failed as a Grey Party Leader, failed as a Conservative,failed as an (TIG)Independent leader, even to you it must be clear that you are not suited to the Political arena. Good bye.

Anonymous said...

He won't resign - this is a stunt to attract attention to himself. His election as a Conservative was a 'fraud' against the electorate and now his 'resignation' is a 'fraud'. Worrow's only guiding principle is 'what can I do for Worrow?'

James Maskell said...

Worrow attended Cabinet last night sulking the whole time but did not see the Chief Exec to hand in a letter of resignation.

On the twitter re Fenner, the idea that a dog control order on Dumpton Gap harming the economy is crazy. Interesting that IJ seemed to have some sympathy with a ban, however much she tried to shroud it.

G said...

My local Chinese take away told me he won't be standing at the next election. They seemed to think the remark was funny. Can anyone it exprain it to me ?

Anonymous said...

Will he won't he? well it seems he won't go so TDC is saddled with this individual for some time yet despite his resignation.Now is the time for Clive Hart to show some Leadership and that he really cares about Thanet and importantly has the opportunity to raise the quality and standard of TDC in the eyes of the Residents of Thanet.Worrow is history, remove his chairmanship, give it to someone who knows what he is doing and actually cares about democracy
Clive this is your big opportunity do not miss the chance.
Goodbye Worrow you will not be missed

Anonymous said...

No doubt to be replaced by another hate-fuelled and hateful Thanet Tory. That's progress?