Friday, January 11, 2013

The Plan

The MEP Daniel Hannan is coming to dinner tonight and if you haven't yet heard him speak passionately on the Orwellian woes of European regulation and government, or read his book, 'The Plan,' then I recommend you do. This in a week where the subject of a national referendum on our strained membership of the European Union is high on the news agenda,

Back to local news however and I had a chat with one of our council officers this week over the Tesco Metro application for Station Road in Westgate. It will probably appear before the Planning Committee sometime around March or beyond as it's been taken away and 'tweaked' by the applicant, to reflect concerns over the road access.

Unlike Sainsbury's on the Canterbury Road, which was seen-off, by residents of Birchington and Westgate, at least for now, principally because of the unsuitable highways issues, I'm told that Tesco is somewhat different. Apparently, if the company returns with a workable solution on traffic management in Station Road, then I'm advised that grounds for continued objection on the other arguments I shall be bringing, aren't very strong.

Of course, it's all speculation until the evening it comes before the members of the Planning Committee, briefed for their final decision, with the appropriate regulations and details by council officers but I thought it wise to manage readers' expectations in advance.

You will see from the photograph, that the fence on the northern side of the former Westgate putting green is being removed.

When I was the cabinet member, I had the green opened-up to the public and since then, some dog walkers have been irresponsibly trampling down the fence, to short-cut on to the grass from the cliff path. This has left it in a dangerous condition in places and just waiting for an accident specialist lawyer to take an active interest, once someone falls over it. The Council can't presently afford the potential legal costs or those of replacing the fencing and so I suggested we revert back to what it once was when I was a small boy.

I'm hoping that one day, someone will take a concession on what was the putting-green hut. It's been tried but the Council aren't prepared to compromise on costs and until they do or until such a time as I'm given back direct political responsibility for dealing with the issue and taking a personal initiative, it will, I fear, stay empty.

Amid the wilder and more unusual search terms used on my weblog over the last week, I've seen: "Birching boys," "Mature Women Massage in Thanet" and "Sex on fire chicken." The mind boggles!

On today's BBC News, I see the Ministry of Defense have announced they are replacing the respected but redundant Browning sidearm for our armed forces, with the 9mm Glock 17. Losing the Browning should be a relief, as they are completely unreliable and jam soon as look at them but the polymer Glock, although a fine and reliable piece of Austrian composite plastic, is completely unsuitable for a number of reasons, the first being the squeeze safety and the second that even the Americans now concede that the 9mm isn't going to stop a  bank robber or a Taliban high on substances, which is why they have been steadily moving up-calibre  to bigger rounds (.40, 10mm or .45) with more kinetic energy.

I predict that we will see a rash of accidental discharges and leg wounds, common to law-enforcement use of the Glock and I'm really very surprised at the army's bizarre decision.


Anonymous said...

Will Hannan be calling for a 32% pay rise?

Anonymous said...

Think that is the Westminster lot, 9:49, not the MEPs.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your dinner. Daniel Hannan's speech of three years ago on youtube "The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government" is well worth watching.