Monday, January 28, 2013

Start the Week

This should be an interesting week. I've a meeting with a local business tomorrow, that contacted me with an offer to contribute some money to a worthy cause or event in Westgate; very welcome in hard times, so I'll keep readers advised of the result.

Sir Roger Gale has his monthly surgery at Westgate Library on Saturday from 10am. I will be assisting and if you need to see your MP for any reason, you should make an appointment with his office

Last night, I went to see 'Zero Dark Thirty" at the Carlton Cinema in Westgate. It's a good film but in my view, very long on detail and relatively short on action, which came as a surprise for a Kathryn Bigelow movie.

As an officially sanctioned account of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, it's a good historical narrative but I think the small group of sixteen -year-olds in the front of the cinema may have been disappointed that the raid on OBL's compound in Abbotabad was over quite quickly and failed to show the lengthy preparation and training that went into the mission by the highly-trained counter-terrorism operatives of Seal Team 6.0 who reportedly didn't like their portrayal in the movie..

Watching the film, I found myself reminiscing about the period. I was in and out of Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia quite frequently at the time, as you can see from the earliest entries in this weblog and once even had dinner with one of Osama's uncles in Riyadh, when I was working with the British Embassy on a project.

Back to Thanet from the movie set of Abbotabad and this week, I've my Thanet District Council standards hearing on Wednesday morning, which will determine the outcome of the complaint bought by Cllr Dr. Cohen. I will confess to being a little baffled by some of the evidence presented in the rather thick but presently confidential document in front of me, that I may share after the event and which demonstrates a woeful, if not worrying confusion over the workings of the internet search engines, like Google.

Anticipating my sentence and If I may offer a small example from the somewhat bizarre, Monty Python-like political climate which we share, here in Thanet; any comments that might appear under someone else's YouTube account and video clip, like the one shown below, have absolutely nothing to do with me or indeed anyone else locally. They are not, surprisingly enough, directed at an obscure Thanet councillor by the global audience of viewers who may have left them there.

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