Thursday, January 17, 2013

Inside Out

Icy Start at St Mildred's Bay
An attempt today, to break away from the literary equivalent of running a stick up and down the bars of Clive's political cage.

In passing, what I do find interesting, are the frantic mental gymnastics that Labour supporters will attempt in order to justify, what I and many others might regard as quite unsupportable arguments. Invariably these lead back to statements about David Cameron having been educated at Eton and Oxford, as if this well-known fact, rather than say, Ed Miliband's own life story, are a reason for pulling the wool over the eyes of local people.

So having failed miserably to avoid politics, I hate to say it but I'm starting to sound like former Ramsgate Labour Councillor Mark Nottingham and here's the link to his controversial letter to Labour leader, Clive Hart, which swiftly led to his deselection and sudden departure from local politics, giving us the larger than life figure of Ian Driver instead.

The BBC are warning of heavy snow from tomorrow through the weekend and it looks as if it will reach us here; although perhaps not as badly as forecast for west Kent and Sussex. If you haven't yet checked your anti-freeze and windscreen wash levels in your car, then today might be a good time.
New Park at St Mildred's Bay

You will see from my photos that we now have a new public part of sorts at Westgate's St Mildred's Bay, now the fence, bordering the former putting green has been removed. I would really ask dog walkers to respect the area and prevent their dogs from either fouling the grass or being anti-social, with other walkers.

One dog walker tells me this morning, that cars have been taking a short cut from the Royal Esplanade, along the path that runs down the side of the putting green (see photo) to the the big waste and recycling bins in the car park. Apparently a digger knocked the bollard down some months ago that prevented this access. I will get on to this immediately and ask for a replacement.

Can I also ask that if you see bit of litter floating around that you help me by picking-it up and putting it in a bin? The street cleaners don't often get that far in the winter and it would be wonderful if we could all work together, as many volunteer groups do, to care for our lovely seaside coast environment.

My wife and her friends went to see Les Miserables at the Carlton Cinema, last night. Apparently it was a packed house, the cinema was silent throughout, apart from muffled sobbing and the audience broke in to spontaneous applause at the end!

The Carlton, now under new management, has reduced its prices to Monday to Friday stall seats £2.50, Saturday and Sunday £3.50. (Saturday morning £1.00). Booking line 01843 834290

On a completely different subject, I went into the CoOp today to buy some bread and spotted a customer 'heads-up' looking rather suspicious as I came through the door. Glancing sideways, I noticed him hiding a large roll of beef under his sweatshirt, before looking decidedly pregnant, he sauntered past me and out of the door.

Wanting to be sure of what I thought I had seen, I followed him out, past the air ambulance shop, where he made a right turn and ducked into the back alley behind the shops in Station Road, adjusting his prize as he did. I called after him and politely suggested he return the item or I would for him but he claimed he was too busy and accelerated off towards the warren of flats, which is now Adrian Square..

I returned to the store and suggested the manager roll back the CCTV six minutes to catch the theft, but he's about 6' 3", slim build and I have passed a description to the store and warned Sam at the grocers, next-door that he may be back for some vegetables.


Lorraine H said...

Saturday morning at the Carlton is now only £1

Gypsy Jack said...

Cllr Moores "Why have you nicked a joint"

Lanky "Can't trust the burgers"

Cllr Moores "Do you know I am a local councillor"

Lanky "Good I got a few problems I need to discuss with a professional. Any chance you can pop and get me a co-op plastic bag and I'll wait here for you"

Cllr Moores "I can take the joint back to the shop"

Lanky "But what if police stop you mid journey with no receipt ? They are bound to oppose bail because you represent a high risk of flying"