Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Snow

St Mildreds Bay Westgate
I have been out in the snow taking some photos today. Lots of children out playing on sleds and building snowmen, with a fair sprinkle of adults involved in the same. Some very large snowballs seen being pushed along the promenade at Westgate too!

I've put up a small photoset of my walk here.

What does strike me is how many children appear to be out playing in only hoodies, sweat-pants and trainers and with no gloves. Following-on from what I wrote yesterday, I'm sure Nike is a great company but its not always the brand logo or the fashion statement but the insulation content that keeps you warm in the snow on a day like this.

The forecast is for more of the same through tomorrow and although the council will have its gritting lorries out in force, a big freeze overnight, will demand considerable care on the roads on Monday morning.

I have put in a link to the Council's website information on waste recycling services in bad weather, if like me, your collection is due tomorrow morning. The important note is for wheeled-bins, where the message is:"If you are on a wheeled bin collection and your waste or recycling is not collected on the usual day, please keep your bin outside and the council will collect your bin as soon as they can during the course of the week."


I'm not John Worrow said...

Just a query about waste collection due to snow.

On the website it says

"With paper and cardboard collections, please take these inside and keep them until the next scheduled collection."

I interpreted that as to mean the blue lid recycling wheelie bin. I just passed your house (Tuesday 22nd) and your blue recycling bin is still outside on the pavement.

Have I read it wrong?

Simon Moores said...

No.. but thanks, I forgot to bring it in last night!