Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Our Times

With my standards hearing only a matter of twenty-four hours away, exploring the available sanctions, remains a subject of energetic debate between councillors and officers - see today's video -.

On more important matters and I note on the BBC SE news this morning, that a Broadstairs man, Gareth Harnett, is on life support in a Thai hospital, following a heart attack while friends try and raise money to bring him home. Reportedly, and it's a familiar story of our times. He did not take-out medical insurance cover and having him airlifted home in addition to critical care, will cost a small fortune. His friends are trying to raise money with a Facebook campaign and I wish them well in their efforts in trying to get him home. The Escape Nightclub Facebook page also carries more information if you would like to help.

Sitting here this morning balancing the first bank statement after Christmas, it's not lost upon me, how the many standing orders have increased this month and many of these, well above inflation. How this is in any way justified and particularly among the essential utilities and insurance companies, I simply don't know but I'm sure that all those uncounted millions of consumers who were hurting with price rises before Christmas, will be feeling the pinch even more when they add-up all these small but significant incremental increases.

Having written about the dangers of looking for cheap loans and credit the other day, my comments section resembles a sharks feeding frenzy as dodgy loans companies try to leave comments here enticing readers to equally unsafe websites. Comment moderation is however stopping them at the first hurdle.

I see that one of today's search terms here is "pornographic photo models in thanet". I think someone is confusing my weblog with another. I can't think why!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good luck Simon, this is a blatant nonsense .TIG and it "vast" membership cannot be cricised or made fun of.

Simon Moores said...

I guess Monty Python is a matter of taste and particularly, the Life of Brian, which is a satirical shot at life and authority in so many different ways. Which is why it remains so popular; with some exceptions perhaps!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Today. If only more of our representatives had your sense of humour the world would be a saner place.