Saturday, January 26, 2013

Days Gone By

Westgate Station Rd - Circa 1910
I was sitting over Margate at 4,000 feet this morning, doing an aircraft check after three weeks of being parked in bad weather. Thanet's microclimate was visible once again, with a clear line between us and the rest of Kent, much of it still buried under the snow. This line starts more or less at Minster and then extends west as far as the eye can see.

Wandering around Westgate, taking photographs this afternoon, I spotted the photo opposite in Tony Deeprose's antique shop in Station Road. It's not one I've seen before of the town in Edwardian times and he kindly let me photograph it to share. It's amazing how a little modern technology can recover more of the detail than is seen in the original.

I will add it to my Flickr library with all the others, that you can access from this weblog sidebar, so they aren't lost again.

In fact, several of our shops were looking colourful this afternoon but I rather wish I had a time machine, in the fashion of HG Wells and could grab some better photographs of the start of the 20th century in the town

Earlier in the week of course, we saw a very successful fashion show take place at the Knot in Westgate and I'm delighted to announce that our  ever-vigiilant local law-enforcement team of Peter Curtis and James Coleman, swiftly apprehended a deranged fashionista, who fled the event wearing nothing but a faux-mink coat.

The fur coat has been returned to its owner and the suspect - pictured - can be bailed from detention on eBay for £80.00

I may write something a little more sensible tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Simon is this the bloke you saw with a roll of beef under his arm from the Co-op last week?

Simon Moores said...

No, he was far too quick on his feet!

Gypsy Jack said...

"Officers they told me this coat has a high tog rating. yet I'm chilled to the marrow"

G said...

Police prank on Peter Checksfield to trick him his camera has gone X ray on him.

G said...

The case of the missing police helmet was in the news. But an early suspect could not be matched to finger print evidence.

Anonymous said...

Gosh 1910, and it hasnt changed! - (I love the open greenness opposite the shops) Have just summoned up courage to check out Tesco status (it makes me cry). A new drawing was published Feb 6. Yup! crying again!