Friday, January 04, 2013

An Image of the Inevitable

Richborough Towers Demolition
Lots of speculation across the popular weblogs today over what the defection of Cllr Ian Driver from TIG, will mean to local politics. Much of it is as daft as some of the satire you find here but I've yet to hear the suggestion that Ian Driver will join the Conservative Party, quite possibly the only group, together with the LibDems, he hasn't been a member of in a long and distinguished political career.

However, one can only hope that his decision will introduce a little more common sense and real independent thought, with a capital 'I' into our deeply dysfunctional political scene, rather than capricious feuding and specious, time-consuming arguments over diversity and free high-street parking.

I was trying to conjure up an image of the inevitable crisis meeting between the two remaining members of TIG and Labour's council leader, Clive Hart on how they might react to the threat to his administration, posed by Cllr Driver's sudden departure but the best I could do was a clip from Dr Strangelove; we have lots of deep and disused mine shafts in Ramsgate

I see the Thanet Gazette carried the story on its front page this morning and I also noticed that the local paper's price has risen to an inflation-busting 70p. I'm guessing that the publishers are now feeling the pinch from online media and our more popular Thanet weblogs, where stories can appear days ahead of the Gazette's Friday publication date; you only have to look back at this week's stories here and on Michael Child's Thanet Online.

Less than a week into the New Year and I'm vaguely optimistic about the business climate ahead as I'm seeing real signs of recovery, however modest, given the prevailing economic climate. If you read Clive Hart's column in the paper today, then you'll see he lays all our problems firmly at the feet of this government and completely ignores many of the facts I shared earlier this week over what  our national debt is, how big it is and how we got to this unpleasant and painful financial situation in the first place through the last government spending money 'on tick' on an almost unimaginable scale. While the banks played a part, their contribution to the overall debt is very small and as was pointed out this week, government increasing benefits way over salaries, was a big factor in spending our way towards oblivion.

Unusually for the middle of a very wet winter, I've two marriage proposal flights to prepare over Leeds castle tomorrow, weather permitting; one being a minor celebrity, so it's time to stop blogging and start knitting "Will You Marry Me?" messages.  If it all goes to plan and I can get some good video footage, I will add it here over the weekend.

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