Wednesday, January 02, 2013

An Extra Sparkle for London's New Year's Day Parade

Well done 'Mr Margate,' Mick Tomlinson for the Margate Carnival Float at the New Year's Day Parade in London.
Photo Credit Mick Tomlinson
Margate's Carnival Queen was interviewed on live television and Thanet received welcome and well-deserved publicity on the streets of London, with an estimated 600,000 people crowding the streets to watch the procession. I would like to echo Mick's note of thanks on Facebook to Jadine [the Carnival Queen] Rob, Peter and Callum for their help

Also shown below, for the benefit of Daniel Goldman at Cafe G. who serves the finest coffee in Margate, which I always try and make a point of drinking in passing, the world's first coffee advertisement.

Finally, Oscar-winning documentary film maker Arnold Schwartzman is turning his cameras on Margate. Schwartzman, who won his Best Documentary Oscar in 1982 for directing the Holocaust film 'Genocide', is using old film clips, posters and live action footage to create 'Margate Paradiso', a tribute to the town. Read-on for more interesting facts from the Daily Telegraph.

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MickTomlinson said...

Thank you Simon
It was a good day and great for Margate
Happy New Year to all your readers

Mick Tomlinson