Sunday, December 02, 2012

Xmas Lights

Kaddy Lee Preston - Westgate Xmas Lights
I managed to get back to Westgate before dark, from Milton Keynes, in time to catch a rather lost-looking Kaddy Lee Preston and direct her to where the Christmas lights were going to be switched-on.

She probably wondered who the strange bloke wearing a flying suit was but I'm sure she's used to dealing with middle-aged eccentrics in need of a shave.

To say Westgate on Sea was packed would be an understatement, it was heaving with people, young, old, the very tiny and lots of dogs, large and small of all kinds. At times it was at a complete standstill.

As I made my downwind approach back into Manston, I made a quick orbit of Station Road to see what was happening below and it reminded me of London's Regent Street, during the sales but with a funfair up one side and with most of the town's shops and stallholders, rushed off their feet and doing a roaring trade.

Kaddy Lee Preston Switches on the Xmas Lights
In fact, I felt a little sorry for Kaddy, who was swamped by autograph hunters and people asking her for a weather forecast; a bit like a personal horoscope. I'm rather glad I'm not a celebrity of any type or indeed a TV weather forecaster either.

I'm putting up the video of today's much publicised  football banner flight, for any of you who might have caught the match on TV or radio; here's the 'bird's eye' view on YouTube.

I'm going to be a little quieter than usual this week as I'm out a lot, quite unusually for the time of year,  given that it's December and flying work is normally very slow because of the bad weather. This is possibly because of the end of the world forecast by the Mayan calendar for the 21st of the month which has many people very worried indeed.

The forecast from Kaddy for this auspicious day is cold, with a chance of snow showers on high ground, so best wrap-up warmly and take a thermos flask with a hot drink with you in case the apocalypse lasts rather longer than expected. I will of course try and take photos of the earth-shattering event for a special post apocalypse issue of this weblog.


Scrooge said...

End of the world 21st.? Maybe better to leave Xmas shopping until 22nd just in case.

Don Wood said...

I have been in bed all day feeling rough and surprise surprise the world hasnt ended. I must admit I feel a bit dissappointed I was looking forward to a post apocalyptic society and having to reinvent the wheel, I had a template in mind already for helping the world come to terms with the anticipated carnage. Oh well I will keep for the next end of the world.